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We are EduSurf

EduSurf is here to assist you in finding the best writing and educational services.
You should be very attentive when looking for an online service or a suitable mentor to assist you in writing a resume, CV, or motivation letter. Unfortunately, as the Internet has grown, it has become more difficult to find a trustworthy website that meets your needs.

Be Suspicious of Scams and Frauds

There are far too many sham enterprises. You risk getting poor-quality service or even nothing at all if you use any of them, even if you have already paid for the order. Anyone may find themselves in such a situation. Is there a way to stay away from them? Of course, the easiest way to do so is to visit the website where you will be placing your order.

Making the Most of Your Time

It’s difficult to search any of the writing websites on your own. Even if this sounds like a smart idea, it will take far too long and be prohibitively costly. Do you have any free time or funds? Most likely not, but we have some good news for you: our dedicated team of experts has already found some of the best resume writing services for you!

What is EduSurf and how does it work?

EduSurf is a well-known forum for finding reviews on various writing and education websites. We provide in-depth and impartial information on companies that provide writing, online classes, tutoring, and test-prep services.

Customer testimonials on EduSurf

We offer people the opportunity to share their experiences with such services. You’ll find a place to write your own comments at the bottom of each review to let everyone know what you think about the website.

Reviewers who are professionals

We are not afraid to refer to ourselves as true professionals because we have extensive experience in evaluating different forms of educational services. Specifically, all to do with writing, tutoring, and test preparation. Our goal is to keep you safe! We perform a comprehensive analysis and objective assessment of each company in order to provide you with only the best choices! Each site is evaluated rigorously and according to a set of parameters.

And What Are We Doing This?

Who would profit from EduSurf? First and foremost, we produce our best writing service recommendations for bloggers, applicants, and people who are attempting to advance their careers. Those in need of assistance with a resume, CV, or business plan, as well as those searching for the best tutoring or online test prep course, are among our target audience. We’ve recently begun reviewing business plan writing services for people looking to start their own company. As a result, everyone can use our reviews to find a reputable business! Your comments and reviews are the greatest reward for the work we do!

What Methods Do We Use to Write Our Reviews?

Each analysis is written from scratch, taking into account the unique characteristics and features of each website. Another thing we always do when working on reviews is put an order to see if the company’s services are of good quality and satisfy the needs of the customers. We interact with the support staff, researchers, and/or tutors as well. We review the resume, CV, cover letter, business plan, and other materials obtained at the conclusion of our collaboration. In the case of online tutoring, test prep, and courses, we look at the quality of the learning, the protection of payments and personal information, costs, the website’s usability, and the ordering process. After that, we draw conclusions, compare an organization to its rivals, and make a final decision. Let’s look at some of the metrics we use to test websites so we can better understand how they function.



Get the Best Price

You must know that our job is not limited to finding the cheapest website. Our goal is to find a website that offers a good learning experience and overall service at a reasonable price. We often compare rates with other well-known companies that offer high-quality services at a competitive price. Then we come to a conclusion about how reasonable and cost-effective the price is. The price of writing services is calculated by the following factors:

  • Pages in the book;
  • The deadline has passed;
  • Level of a writer;
  • Complexity of the text

The following factors influence the cost of online tutoring and test preparation:

  • Tutors, mentors, and teachers’ qualifications;
  • Organize your schedule, time, and lessons using a variety of learning resources.
  • The number of hours spent learning;
  • The course’s quality;
  • Amount of prep materials included in the package;
  • The length of a curriculum, class, or course.

What Do We Do Next?

When we place an order, we consult with the company to decide whether or not their specialists are native English speakers. We never recommend ordering documents or best online tutoring lessons from non-native experts unless it is absolutely necessary. Language capacity is a critical criterion, but it is not the only one. As a result, we also pay attention to the following features:

  • A writer/tutor should have at least a bachelor’s degree and, preferably, a master’s or doctoral degree;
  • Professional experience — the amount of assignments completed, students taught (if tutoring), and years of experience are all factors to consider.
  • Quality of the written document — our team thoroughly examines and text for grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors, as well as for authenticity, material clarity, uniqueness, and compliance with the specifications;
  • Deadline — the file must be submitted by the designated time and date.
  • Level of customer service — we assess the work of support staff as well as contact with a writer or tutor.
  • Payment methods — it’s important that the service offers a variety of payment options that are both convenient and secure for the customer.
  • Usability of the website/app — the user interface should be simple, easy to use, and attractive.

In addition to these sections, our team pays attention to a slew of other minor details. To make our reviews as informative and useful as possible, we always try to concentrate on multiple characteristics.

What is it that we are interested in?

We at EduSurf can charge a commission from a reviewed business, driven by our mission to help others find the best service online and answer all of their questions about that service. We suggest any services only if we are confident in them as experts and reviewers in different fields.

  • Effortlessness
  • Transparency is essential.
  • Trustworthiness

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Our mission is to be an honest, strict, and fair judge, and we have done a fantastic job! Thousands of job seekers and students have already found what they were searching for thanks to EduSurf, and you can join them right now!

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To prevent scams and select only the best online services that will never let you down, read our reviews and trust our expert advice. Finally, if you have any interesting ideas or suggestions for change, please get in touch with us and let us know.


A leadership team with vision

Our reviews are based on the requirements that are often mentioned in each review (which were also above-mentioned). Many of the results we get from the companies we review are scrutinized, but professional reviewers like Yolanda have the final say.

 Naturally, not all of our customer feedback is positive. Our team also comes across a lot of low-quality facilities. Even if the organization is not capable of providing the best services, we have a thorough analysis and recommendations on how to improve and what can be improved. In this way, we assist people in preventing low-quality businesses while also assisting these businesses in enhancing their quality.


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