Academized review essay and assignment writing service and homework help review offers essay writing services to help students with their assignments. Unfortunately, this particular service has not gained a favorable reputation among the student community. Do not be misled by this site's claims that it offers high-quality papers, competitive prices, and dependability with deadlines. It has been established that their ordering process is duplicated from another essay service – - hence it may not be the most reliable choice for you. Sadly, students have to face the issue of bad quality late delivery when it comes to most academic writing services. To avoid facing such issues and losing your hard earned money and time, you should turn to a reliable service like Academized. Though feedback for them is mixed due to an inconsistency in the quality of their services. Have a look at the GrabMyEssay review if you want to save both your money and time. It is the most popular essay website out there. Through the use of fake review sites, the owner of this site - as well as other similar services - is utilizing an evolving marketing strategy to present a skewed image of their paper writing service. Whether is any different from other websites managed by the same company is a question many people have. Is it worth trusting them and investing money in them? Let's take a deeper look and find out!

Short summary about Academized is an essay writing service that promises high-quality paper, good prices, and deadlines, but often fails to deliver on time.

Main facts about Academized

Year Started2016
Main CompanyR.P. Writing Smart LTD
Service TypesContent creation services have become an integral part of the modern workspace. Be it writing, editing, proofreading, copywriting, rewriting or complex tasks like creating dissertations and research papers, admission essays and science assignments - there are professionals with specialist skills to help you complete them quickly and accurately.
Merchant RegistrationCyprus
Business GeoUS, India
Final ReviewAll considered, there are a lot of better options than, as their prices might be reasonable and they do have several discounts available, but the overall quality of the service they offer is not up to par. You should be cautious when selecting an essay writing service, as these companies have been known to post fake positive reviews. Make sure you do your research and don't fall for the artificial reviews. Taking our advice as a reminder to thoroughly research the services before signing up is highly encouraged!

Academized website design and trustworthy review's homepage gives an overall feeling of an organization that values its clients The welcome page is quiet and unobtrusive. The order form is easily accessible in the right corner of the homepage and may be quickly filled out to find out the final pricing. The homepage displays the company's offerings and benefits. However, this page just provides general information; to learn more about specifics such as costs, terms, or other customers' opinions, you must browse the entire website. The Service category lists the various types of papers they produce. Go to Prices to discover out how much a paper costs and how long it takes to complete it. First-time customers are eligible for freebies, but they must be aware of them before placing a purchase. The Samples tab provides sample essays and extensive descriptions of them, including their pricing, formatting style, writing level, and so on. This information can be valuable for those who want to know what writing level to expect when placing a specific order. As previously stated, the samples can be deceptive because the sheets that consumers get differ from those shown on the Samples tab. The Reviews tab is where you can find customer comments, although we're not sure if it's reliable. Customers can also use live chat to ask questions and obtain rapid responses. To summarize, is not very user-friendly because visitors must spend a significant amount of time searching for the information they require. The website has a lot of stuff, however most of it is useless. price policy

With this writing service, you’ll get a transparent pricing system so you can calculate the final cost of your assignment. All you need to do is fill out the order form with all required details you’ll get an estimated price for one page of a high school level essay delivered in two weeks - $12.99. Do you need a PhD dissertation done in a shorter amount of time? Maybe you'll find what you're looking for in only 2 months! You can pay an extra fee if you want additional features like stats or personalization. This is a one-page summary of your paper for just $26.99! You will also get premium support at only $9.99/month! If you want the work to be handled by a more experienced writer, you can opt for Top 10 option. In this situation, your order cost will rise by 30%.
Payment optionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, PayPal
Payment discountsAs soon as we logged in, we were able to see the Discount button, which is an amazing offer for any student. Academized has many great features for free, such as limitless amendments, bibliography, outline, title page formatting and plagiarism report. Typically, the aforementioned services would cost you at least $70, however this company offers them free of charge.

Academized online reputation

It is undeniable that has made some mistakes in terms of their marketing methods, particularly by being excessively aggressive across all their websites. This could be seen as a questionable and potentially illegitimate tactic from their side. The company is engaging in unethical practices such as posting deceptive online reviews and building fake review websites to create a falsely positive image of their services. They also have sites that bring together freelancers from all over the world. is an online platform where students can hire writers to do their essay assignments. Unfortunately, this website has been a source of great distress abuse for writers. They lack proper protection and experience discrimination in terms of payment and job opportunities. Despite the huge profits Academized earns from students purchasing their services, they don't provide fair payment to workers. This is even more concerning as most of these employees are from Kenya. The company, however, falsely claims otherwise. Can you really trust a company that lies and takes advantage of its own people? The question of Academized's legitimacy is puzzling - the answer is a resounding NO. While they may have a money-back guarantee, their refund policy has been proven to be completely deceptive. Once someone has your money, it's almost impossible to get a refund for it - no matter how legitimate the reason. A lot of reviews for don't mention this and it really worries us. We mean, these are people's hard-earned funds we're talking about!
Academized was unresponsive to the urgency of my deadline, asking for an extension and lying about the progress they had made. And that is why the team doesn't make it in time Despite all the harm they caused, they still wouldn't admit to it and kept pushing a new writer upon me even though I had already mentioned that the deadline had passed. What am I supposed to do with the task that cannot be handed in? You shouldn't be fooled into thinking someone wants more time than they asked for. Being punctual is far more important for achieving success because it leaves others to better opportunities Doing so forfeits your right to receive any compensation. People can often take advantage of generosity, so it's important to be aware of how easy you may fall into their traps.
The service provided was not up to the standards expected. The level of grammar use of proper referencing made it quite evident that the writers lacked adequate knowledge and experience. Unfortunately, this was my last time utilizing this service. The writer was taking forever to deliver and there were plenty of basic errors throughout the document. After re-reading the paper multiple times and having to reaffirm a lot of my comments, I had no other choice but to revise it at least 7 times. Management had limited knowledge of customer satisfaction, leading me to take the initiative of revising a significant portion of the paper due to its inadequate English standard.
Despite the fact that I chose a premium package (12 hours+top writer), it took far too long and ended up taking almost 24 hours. I am deeply disappointed with this experience and consider it unacceptable.
The quality of the paper was simply not good enough for me to use it for my assignment. As a result, I had to reluctantly accept it despite the fact that it was clear that the paper had not been written by a native English speaker. I recently had to read a paper which was full of errors, including the fact that female authors were referred to as he and research sources were wrongly cited as books instead of “research”. Moreover, the APA citation format was completely wrong - it was disappointing to see such carelessness in an academic journal. I'm incredibly unhappy that the writer ignored my instructions on not using the word prove. They failed to adhere to the task details and this is extremely disappointing. I'd initially thought about shelling out more money for an upgraded service, but I'm so glad that I didn't. It was a huge let-down and not worth my time or money at all. Don't even think of using it; I would strongly recommend against it to anyone who's considering it.
I recently had a terrible experience with ACADEMIZED which led to my reviews being removed. I had paid for the paper but it was not done according to the specifications. I am completely disappointed with their services and do not recommend them whatsoever - especially given that I have evidence of all the discussions and lies from their end.
This company has plenty of writing options that can meet an individual student's requirements and preferences. Regardless of the price you are willing to pay, this service offers various levels of writers who can work on a wide range of courses - from basic maths to complex computerized architecture structures. What's more, they offer fast customer support and maintain high standards in quality control. Highly recommended!
Academized has been instrumental in propelling my academic journey to great heights. I am profoundly grateful for the help they have provided that enabled me to achieve success in college. Many thanks!
Academized came to my rescue when I needed help with my assignment. They boast of having the most proficient writers on board, and their customer service is simply remarkable.
I'm deeply thankful to Academized for aiding me in my academic success. They have provided me with immense assistance during my college years and their contribution has been invaluable. I'm truly grateful for everything they have done.
I'm very happy with my first experience using this website and the helpful staff. I'm confident that I'll be returning and taking advantage of their services often.

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Greater affordability Fair discounts Speedy delivery


Poor repute Dubious author profiles Poorly written papers Final Conclusions is an online platform that provides academic writing services to students and professionals worldwide. offers a wide range of services, including custom writing, editing, and proofreading, for various academic levels and subjects. The team of professional writers at is skilled in different academic fields and can deliver quality work within the specified deadline. The Academized also offers 24/7 customer support, free revisions, and a money-back guarantee policy to ensure customer satisfaction. The Academized has a modern and sleek design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a professional feel that is suitable for an academic writing service. The color scheme is mainly blue and white, and the font used is clear and legible, making it easy for users to read the content. Overall, is a reliable and trustworthy platform that can help students and professionals achieve academic success. alternatives

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