Argoprep Review

ArgoPrep Review

ArgoPrep is an educational technology (EdTech) and publishing company that offers students preparing for the SHSAT, K8-Math, K8-ELA, the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), along with 2 standardized college admission tests — the SAT and ACT — online study platforms (including self-study platforms), private tutoring, workbooks, and online preparatory (prep) courses.

Main Facts About ArgoPrep

Site Url
Brand NameArgoPrep
Year Started2014
Main CompanyOn July 11, 2014, Anayet Chowdhury established ArgoPrep as a for-profit business that provided online learning services to K–12 pupils. Later, it began to develop workbooks to aid in these pupils' studying. It is currently utilized by students, teachers, and parents (who are homeschooling their kids or trying to assist them study more effectively). Its current headquarters are in Brooklyn, New York, on West End Avenue. Argo Brothers, Incorporated, which also owns the ArgoPrep Learning Center in Manhattan Beach, New York, is the owner of ArgoPrep.
Service AreasK-8th Grade SHSAT
CountriesUSA, UK
Free OptionsBy registering, you can receive 100 practice questions without cost.
Additional ServicesMobile App, Youtube chanel

ArgoPrep Services

Our ArgoPrep GRE review, along with those on the SHSAT and K-8, ought to be sufficient to convince anyone to sign up for test preparation services without a doubt.

When preparing for these specialized exams, there is more than one example of Argo's high level of service.

The most important evidence would come from what former users or students have to say about their overall/complete experiences and results when utilizing ArgoPrep to study for exams.
The website is replete with recommendations and tons of good feedback from parents and students all across the world.

One of the things you can always rely on is the quality, which these people consistently attest to.
The fact that they have won prestigious awards for online education is further evidence of their high caliber of service and content. The majority of these accolades are difficult to acquire unless you have provided exceptional levels of service.

As evidence of the caliber and level they uphold, ArgoPrep has won a few of the most prestigious and noteworthy awards.
In terms of the quality of the content and the level of service provided to students in order to prepare them for their particular tests, all of these important points pretty well sum up our Argo Prep GRE review, SCHAT review, and K-8 review.

ArgoPrep Guarantees

ArgoPrep Prices

We could all agree that ArgoPrep provides affordable preparation and training as one of the main points.

Considering people's views on prices from a personal perspective, there is little doubt that their ideas may differ.
However, quality is the main factor that affects our analysis of pricing. In other words, if you regard good value, you would undoubtedly consider it to be "worth the while and the money."

Regarding ArgoPrep, we can see that they not only provide users with value for money, but are also quite reasonable and inexpensive in terms of rates and fees.

You must pay $120 for a 12-month subscription to the K-8 Math & ELA Program in order to receive 2 workbooks for free.
You can subscribe to SHSAT for three months for $96, six months for $144, and twelve months for $190.
A membership to the GRE preparation costs $100 for one month, $130 for three months, and $170 for six months.
Please note that taxes are not included in these prices.

You can find a variety of tests to study for on TestingMom, so read the review if you want to think about a different alternative.

For the SHSAT, for instance, registering will automatically grant you access to 100 practice questions.

K-8 Math120-

ArgoPrep Reviews Online

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ArgoPrep Pros and Cons


  • Abundant Resources - Once a student has subscribed, they have access to a wealth of study guides, videos, and audio lectures.
  • Quality - ArgoPrep's content, customer service, and other features have been praised by many users.
  • Videos are easy to understand and up to par with educational norms.
  • Learning at Your Own Pace - ArgoPrep provides the rare opportunity to learn at your own pace.


  • Structure of the website - There is a lack of information and coherence on the website.
  • Costs - Some clients have mentioned in ArgoPrep reviews that they would like to see even cheaper pricing from the company.
  • Questions & AnswersThere is room for improvement in the FAQ.
  • When it comes to the payment process, you'll have to send an inquiry to learn more about the accepted ways and facilities.

ArgoPrep Contacts, 137A West End Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, US, +1 929-500-ARGO

ArgoPrep Final Conclusions

All things considered, the ArgoPrep SHSAT course is a solid resource for New York City residents who want to get into a specialized high school. Learning is engaging and effective because to the intuitive design and extensive library of instructional materials.

The live chat feature has been quite helpful. There is a lot of variety in the topics covered, so students won't get bored, and the materials' closeness to the SHSAT's actual content also makes for rewarding study.

The annual plan is the best value for the money, however it is still not cheap. Trying it out for free for a full day is a fantastic opportunity to test the waters. Strongly suggested.

ArgoPrep FAQs

Is ArgoPrep good?

ArgoPrep is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to focus on the skills required to master the Common Core curriculum. ArgoPrep is a fantastic option for parents and educators who want to monitor their students' progress over time.28

Is ArgoPrep free?

There are two price plans available from ArgoPrep. You have the option of purchasing either a six-month subscription to our learning platform for $16.99/month (total charged: $101.94) or a one-year subscription for $9.99/month (total charged: $119.88).

How do I create an Argoprep account?

If you want to set up an account, just click on the "JOIN FOR FREE" button, which can be found on the top right corner. You can either opt for an email registration or sign in with your existing Facebook/Google accounts.

How many employees are working at ArgoPrep?

10 to 19 staff are tracked by 6sense while they are at ArgoPrep. Using the 6sense Chrome Extension, you can learn more about their employees by visiting their website or LinkedIn. To find out the industry the business is expanding in, also look at the ArgoPrep category for jobs and hiring, which was mentioned previously on this page.

What industry is ArgoPrep in?

ArgoPrep works in the e-learning sector

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