Blueprintprep Review

Blueprint Review

The Blueprint MCAT is an extremely challenging exam that calls for meticulous planning and practice. If you're unsure of your MCAT capabilities, it's worth considering getting an extra hand. Seeking professional guidance can help to boost your score and give you the confidence to keep going. In order to help you conquer the most challenging aspects of the MCAT, Blueprint offers superior preparation services.

Main Facts About Blueprint

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Brand NameBlueprint
Year Started2005
Main CompanySince 2005, Blueprint LSAT has been in operation. More recently, Blueprint has entered the MCAT market. They are our favorite LSAT prep company because of their flexible and user-friendly study plan and the access they give students to LSAT prep tutors and professionals. Although the LSAT has changed significantly since I took it in 2015, this course material's format and user-friendly study platform are the best in the business. Students may relax knowing that even though their course costs are greater than average, they will receive the quality of content and instruction that they pay for. After reading this Blueprint LSAT review, those of you who are still unconvinced can start with a free trial (more on that later).
Service AreasLSAT MCAT Med School PA
Free OptionsFree LSAT Practice Exam Free Events & Webinars LSAT Flashcards LSAT Study Schedule LSAT Logic Games LSAT Books & Guides
Additional ServicesPrep books, Live classes

Blueprint Services

Blueprint's money-back promise is one of the company's selling points. They are an honest business that stands behind what it sells. If the review course does not raise your score, you can get your money back.

If you have not fulfilled the minimum conditions, such as finishing all the lessons and passing the diagnostic exam, the company is not obligated to provide you a refund.

Their promise is especially impressive because they actually implement their principles and are at the forefront of cutting-edge analytics.

You can take the class over again if you're unhappy with your grade. Blueprint has been praised in several Next Step Test Prep reviews for being impartial and committed to client satisfaction.

In conclusion, if you want to raise your MCAT score, you should take the Blueprint course.

Blueprint Guarantees

Blueprint Prices

Blueprint There are two options for studying for the MCAT: online courses and live online seminars. The Online Course is a time-flexible alternative that can be finished at your convenience during regular business hours.

Six months of online course access will set you back $1,800.
The Online Cost is $2,200 for a period of 9 months.
The cost of access to the Online Course for a full year is $2,500.00.
The Live Online Class is Blueprint's version of its popular MCAT preparation online course, with the added benefit of 40+ hours of live instruction from industry experts. This option usually costs roughly $2,500, however discounts are sometimes offered.

Self-Paced Courses1599-
Live Courses1499-
Tutoring — Core Packages2599-
Tutoring — Premium Packages3999-

Blueprint Reviews Online

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Blueprint Pros and Cons


  • The website interface for Blueprint is simple to use and browse.
  • Students should feel secure knowing that the organization consistently and dependably honors their money-back guarantees.
  • Each student receives personalised attention thanks to the high caliber tutors at Blueprint who approach their students in a variety of ways and with varying degrees of customization.
  • Blueprint's educational resources and video classes are very interactive and well-supported by appealing visuals, which makes learning fun and interesting.


  • Some of Blueprint's quizzes might seem a little repetitive, which could make learning less interesting.
  • Despite the fact that Blueprint's courses are justified by the excellent caliber of training they offer, some students may find the costs to be prohibitive.
  • When compared to Princeton Review, the explanations given for some test results might not be sufficiently thorough, which can make it challenging for students to recognize their areas of weakness.
  • -1

Blueprint Contacts, 6080 Center Drive, Suite 520, Los Angeles, California, 90045, 18884277737

Blueprint Final Conclusions

Blueprint is highly sought after by students taking the LSAT because of its engaging material and guaranteed higher scores. In addition, there is an abundance of qualified teachers available to assist you succeed on the LSAT.

If you're sick of the dry material provided by other test prep companies, you might enjoy Blueprint's lighthearted approach. The value of your time spent here will increase dramatically thanks to the modules' video lessons and interactive features. If you're looking for an adaptable LSAT prep course, I suggest Blueprint LSAT's online review. It's also great for individuals who want to have some lightheartedness in the midst of the otherwise serious business of LSAT preparation.

Blueprint FAQs

Is Blueprint online course worth it?

Generally speaking, Blueprint provides a comprehensive and very interesting MCAT study package that addresses every component of the exam. They offer a ton of beneficial study tools and prep books that are jam-packed with useful information in addition to excellent video lectures and commendable practice exercises.

Is blueprint LSAT prep legit?

One of the many reasons Blueprint places so highly on our list of the best LSAT prep courses is the user experience, which is where it really makes its money. I like the physical copy books (more on that below), but I absolutely adore the online Blueprint LSAT interface.

Is blueprint harder than AAMC?

Although you might expect Kaplan to win out, our team discovered that Blueprint's practice exams were a little bit more akin to the real AAMC exam, their testing interface was more functionally similar to AAMC's, and their test scoring analytics were more thorough and useful.

How many tests does blueprint have?

The secret to passing the MCAT is practice exams. 10 full-length examinations are available for purchase from Blueprint MCAT (previously Next Step Test Prep) to aid in your preparation, but how many are really necessary before you're prepared to take the real test?

Who are blueprint test prep competitors?

Top competitors of Blueprint LSAT Preparation include TestMasters, Magoosh Inc., Manhattan Prep Inc., and ArborBridge.

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