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Capstone Resume Services Resume Writing Service Review is an online resume writing and career consulting service that provides personalized solutions to job seekers. The website provides a variety of packages to suit various needs and budgets, ranging from straightforward resume editing to comprehensive career consulting services. In order to make sure that customers are satisfied with the finished output, additionally offers a satisfaction guarantee. The website promises a staff of skilled writers who have collaborated with customers from a range of professions and businesses. To help clients increase their chances of success in their job hunt, also provides other services including cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and job search coaching., which has a reputation for offering top-notch resume writing and career counselling services, is a dependable choice for people looking for qualified support with their job search. Before committing to any packages or services, potential customers can use the website's free resume review service to get comments on their current résumé.

Main Facts About Capstone Resume Services

Site Url
Brand NameCapstone Resume Services
Year Started2013
Main CompanyCapstone Resume Services
Service AreasExecutive Resume Writing Board Resume
Merchant RegistrationUnited States, California, Mountain View
Free optionsEven if you opt to put all of their products in your cart, there are no savings offered.

Capstone Resume Services Services

On their website, they provide a wide range of services, including drafting academic CVs and cover letters. They are capable of handling any task in this industry in the highest possible manner. Their writers don't appear to be trained experts. But based on internet customer reviews of Capstone Resume Services, there are a lot of problems with the resumes that are produced by this business.

Capstone Resume Services Guarantees

Particularly given that the organization makes no guarantees regarding interviews or any other type of listing on the official website, this is an unfair and somewhat deceptive approach.

Capstone Resume Services Prices

Entry-level resumes start at $129; professional resumes start at $225; executive resumes start at $299; cover letters start at $59; academic CVs start at $249; technology management resumes start at $299; technical resumes start at $249; federal resumes start at $249; and LinkedIn profiles start at $149. As we can see, there are a variety of costs accessible, so you may get a resume created even on a tight budget. But keep in mind that for such a cheap, the quality could be subpar.
Executive499Presidents, CEOs & C-Level Executives
Professional399Over 3 Years of Experience
Entry-Level2493 Years Experience or Less
They provide a free one-on-one consultation on any order you place as well as a free revision if necessary (emphasis on necessary because it is up to the company to decide if you get one).
Payment OptionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal

Capstone Resume Services Reviews Online

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Capstone Resume Services Pros and Cons


  • Pricing: Considering the usual market pricing, they are reasonable. So if you need to get your paper but are on a tight budget, this is a perfect option.
  • There are numerous hassle-free alternatives to pay for your assignments.
  • On their personal website, they give a ton of helpful advice. If you decide to write your papers on your own, this is a very real option.
  • Among other writing services, the delivery of papers is one of the fastest.
  • Authentic quality is validated on a global scale by reputable resume writing services.


  • Sadly, they lack a live chat feature. Since the industry is expanding, you can find this feature in many other services as well. Complete comfort is provided, and its absence is not ideal.
  • Even if the customer support is quite prompt and kind, the hours of operation are too short, making it utterly useless if problems arise late at night.
  • Minor issues on the website prevent you from working on it.
  • We all used to believe that low costs meant poor quality, but as we have seen, the quality of the papers is great, thus such low prices can be a warning to certain clients. Therefore, it is up to you.
  • If you have queries, you'll need to take your time since the phone line is frequently busy.

Capstone Resume Services Contacts, 1931 Old Middlefield Way Unit-B Mountain View, CA 94043, 16504455301

Capstone Resume Services Final Conclusions

In the conclusion we can say that, they do not have extensive experience in their line of work as professionals. There are more effective options if you require resume assistance. There aren't many professionals involved in Capstone Resumes' work, and the assistance they provide is utterly unqualified. On this service, specialists who have no prior experience in hiring or personnel management put together resumes. So be sure to read the client reviews for Capstone Resume Services below! They are unaware of the features of people management and the things managers focus on most when reviewing resumes. They lack the knowledge necessary to accurately summarize your entire experience, treat every aspect with care, and cast it in the best possible light. They won't assist you create a typical CV or highlight your professionalism, for sure. This service is not a good choice if you are just starting out in your profession and are unsure of how to effectively market yourself through your CV. On their website, you might find low pricing and subpar results. You won't have additional opportunities with them to find work that interests you. There are many superior alternatives like FindMyProfession or You won't receive an informative and polite response to your email within 30 minutes. Additionally, Amy Gies speaks with the clients directly. However, the sole days of operation are Monday through Friday from 9:30 am to 5 pm. It's a really brief workday, and in all honesty, they could extend it.

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