Collegeprepgenius Review

College Prep Genius Review

CollegePrepGenius offered both online and offline through boot camps SAT preparation. The course consists of ten hours of instruction in addition to numerous more books, worksheets, and handouts. The program aims to help students get more familiar with exam patterns, lengthen their responses so they can finish the test, reduce test-taking anxiety, and boost their confidence by exposing them to real exam questions and answers.

Main Facts About College Prep Genius

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Brand NameCollege Prep Genius
Year Started2008
Main CompanyJean Burke developed College Prep Genius with the intention of preparing pupils for standardized tests. Everyone agrees that the subject matter is crucial, but even if you don't know everything about it, you can still do well on a standardized test by knowing how to proceed.
Service AreasVirtual Boot Camp eCourse In-Person Boot Camp Host a Class Schools Classrooms/Co-ops Books & Tools
Free OptionsHosting a boot camp has the financial benefit of allowing your child to attend for nothing.
Additional ServicesYoutube chanel

College Prep Genius Services


College Prep Genius Guarantees

College Prep Genius Prices

The cost is reasonable compared to other SAT prep programs.

The cost of the Fundamental e-Course for a year of access is $139. For one year of access, the Comprehensive e-Course costs $189.

Each student can attend a physical boot camp for $289, which includes all the features of the Fundamental e-Course.

The cost of the classrooms and cooperative education is $139, plus $60 for each student's textbook. The cost includes access to one year of online courses.

There are occasionally sales where you may use online coupons to save 25%–40% on the cost of the course or hard copies of the textbooks.

Books and Resources
Downloadable versions of the textbooks and other materials are included in the course fee.

Hard versions of the materials are also available for purchase:

$35.00 Genius SAT textbook
Workbook for Genius - $19.95
High School Prep at Genius - $24
SAT Vocabulary Practice from Genius - $55.00
All contents could be purchased in hard copy for an additional $322.95.

Virtual Boot Camp395-
In-Person Boot Camp445-

College Prep Genius Reviews Online

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College Prep Genius Pros and Cons


  • When compared to other online SAT prep programs, the cost of the online program is very reasonable.
  • Focus: The best way to get the most out of courses like this is to concentrate on test-taking tactics, complemented by supplementary study resources that the student can review prior to the actual test.
  • Homework Guide - For students who do not enroll in the in-class boot camp version, the homework guide offers very specialized and helpful material.
  • Additional resources: The humorous vocabulary-enhancing storybooks aid students in learning and remembering SAT-related vocabulary.


  • There is not a minimum score increase guarantee, in contrast to some courses. However, the majority of users report reasonable gains of up to 300 points.
  • Online concentration: The online concentration can be problematic for some pupils. To increase their chances of improving their test scores, many teenagers require in-person tutoring.
  • There are no practice SAT exams included with the training.
  • -1

College Prep Genius Contacts, 817-282-7737

College Prep Genius Final Conclusions

Parents can purchase an affordable SAT prep course from CollegePrepGenius that doesn't take weeks or months of commitment.

The techniques are sound, and endorsements and ratings from numerous teaching and parenting organizations show that the program is a dependable one that has assisted many pupils in raising their test results.

As with any SAT prep program, your college-bound child will benefit most from the program if they pay attention in class, are committed, and have your support.

College Prep Genius FAQs

What is the difference between the College Prep Genius virtual class and eCourse?

The online course offered by College Prep Genius is active. At a predetermined date and time, students will show up for class where they will be able to speak with a certified instructor from College Prep Genius. In this online classroom, students will be able to interact and ask questions. Each student will be given access to the College Prep Genius eCourse modules for a year after the live course.
The self-paced College Prep Genius eCourse is instructed through video lessons. More than 300 interactive quizzes are included in the course to help students review what they have learnt. There is no live teaching provided.

Does this program work on other tests like the ACT or CLT?

Like the SAT, assessments like the ACT and CLT are reasoning exams. So, College Prep Genius' methods are effective. The CLT's official exam prep provider is College Prep Genius. View one of our webinars, SAT vs. ACT: The Real Truth, for more details on how College Prep Genius operates on the ACT.

Does the virtual boot camp come with everything needed for the course?

All online boot camps come with hard copies of the 2020 College Prep Genius Textbook and Workbook. You will receive a set of hard copy books for each student and sibling even if you already purchased the eCourse and have been using eReaders. After the live class, students will have access to the eCourse, which will include the Daily Homework Guide PDF, Journal for Success PDF, and SAT Essay Templates eReader.

What happens if my student misses a class date? Can my student attend a different make up class?

In case a student misses a live lesson, all sessions are recorded. The students will have access to recordings both after class and throughout the duration of their membership. Before the start of the scheduled class for the student, a class transfer might be requested. To change classes, send an email to

What will happen in the event of technical issues?

While we make every effort to avoid technical difficulties during live classes and in our onsite learning environment, occasionally these things cannot be avoided. Should your student have a technical problem during a live session that is not caused by College Prep Genius, they will be able to catch up by watching the recording of that session later. College Prep Genius will give the student access to a previously recorded session if there is a technical difficulty on their end. Students are highly encouraged to arrive to class prepared. This calls for checking all hardware and login credentials before the class. By avoiding hurrying, stress, and frustration, the learner is better prepared to succeed. Prior to the start of class, parents and students should test their login and make sure they can access the online classroom. Prior to their first live class session, parents and students can always email for technical support. Additionally, we offer a link to Adobe Connect support for assistance with the live classroom setting.

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