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Craft Resumes Resume Writing Service Review

Craft Resumes  is one of the career services companies which offers a variety of services, including writing resumes and CVs, editing resumes, writing cover letters, creating LinkedIn profiles, writing thank-you and follow-up letters, and more. We also have writers who have industry-specific expertise. We strive to build a strong personal relationship with you in order to produce a standout resume that effectively displays your unique abilities and expertise, thereby grabbing the attention of recruiters. With the correct CV, we can assist you in moving in the right path for a variety of career transitions and job promotions. Employers are interested in what you have to give them, and our excellent resumes, expert cover letters, and follow-up letters help to highlight that.

Main Facts About Craft Resumes

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Brand NameCraft Resumes
Year Started2014
Main CompanyBoosta Inc
Service AreasResume Writing Resume Editing Free resume review CV Writing CV Editing Сover letter writing Linkedin profile writing Write My Resume Professional Resume Help Career Coaching
Merchant RegistrationUnited States, Delaware, Wilmington

Craft Resumes Services

We always base our reviews of resume writing services on the standards outlined at the beginning of our post. However, the quality accounts for exactly those 50% of the service rating. Even if the service is pricey but delivers the highest-quality paper, we are willing to offer it a positive review (of course, one that focuses only on performance quality). We contrasted the standard of Craft Resumes with another resume service that charged $59 to write the same paper. Why we favor a bit more expensive resume service is simple to explain: We spent only around 5 minutes online with the performer on a less expensive platform discussing our desires. The author communicated with us on for almost an hour, and then we connected on Viber and Skype to schedule the appropriate times. And this is just a small portion of what we loved about (which also included its quick turnaround time and consideration of all our later-noted revision requests). We were considerably satisfied with the resume we obtained from as a result of the authors having the identical tasks. Even though it might have cost $20 extra, it's a modest sum to pay when considering someone's future.

Craft Resumes Guarantees

Their pros work hard to make your resume something you can be proud of. They always attempt to highlight your best quality from the best angle. Every client is looked at and evaluated from the employer's point of view. This practice might make resume writing easier and enable you to create a flawless resume. By obtaining our resume, you will exceed expectations and you won't ever make a mistake. Evidently, they are unable to assure you of employment. It all boils down to you; you need to make a successful impact on your interviewer during the job interview and leave them with an indelible impression.

Craft Resumes Prices

Some of the most crucial elements of any resume service are staff and education. How should I write my resume? You need to combine the correct amounts of expertise, labor market knowledge, and a person's personal attributes to achieve success. 60% of potential employers now see you to be more interesting. Reviews of Craft Resume claim that this service's pricing is its main advantage. Even though their rates on their web page seem a little off, if you dig a little deeper, you'll get a thorough explanation of their perks and discounts. As opposed to accepting the initial offer, this may be preferable. As a result, the packages Career Start ($129.99), Career Growth ($299.99), and Executive ($439.99) are visible on the website's home page. And the rates are considerably more affordable than if you were to purchase the identical resume separately from this website. However, depending on many factors, it will cost $139 if all you need is a resume.
Basic280Jumpstart your career with a perfect application package
Optimal340Show your expertize and grow digital presence
You won't find a Craft Resumes coupon here, so give up hunting. There are no discounts indicated and the prices are already listed on the website.
Payment OptionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal

Craft Resumes Reviews Online

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Craft Resumes Pros and Cons


  • Prices (also a drawback; see below for additional information). When compared to the high level of execution, a resume's price is reasonable.
  • Quick internet help service.
  • easy-to-use website interface.
  • There are several experts in the team. It's comforting to know that skilled individuals are handling your resume.
  • Many years of experience writing resumes.


  • difficulty with online chat. Sometimes, despite a mouse click, nothing happens. It's important to note that it can be a problem with the Internet browser.
  • Due to minor interface issues that occasionally lead it to malfunction, this is not the finest resume service.
  • A limited number of jobs that the service is capable of handling.
  • A select few packages that clients could prefer.
  • Weekend contact with the service is either impossible or very difficult. It's a little strange for an online service.

Craft Resumes Contacts, 1000 N West St Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States, 1-888-385-3312

Craft Resumes Final Conclusions

In the conclusion we can say that, if we were to rate, we'd give them a score of 9 out of 10. Due to minor website issues and debatable prices, we deducted 1 point. Without a doubt, this is among the greatest resume writing services available. Prices are the biggest issue with these online businesses because everyone wants to get paid more for their labor. However, at least does not skimp on resume quality and keeps an eye on the training and experience of its staff. If you are seeking for a high-quality resume and are aware that everything worthwhile comes at a cost, this website may be helpful to you. Although we can't guarantee that this service's online assistance will always be excellent, based on our experience, it wasn't terrible.

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