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CustomWritings is a go-to destination for many students looking for professional writing aid. Apart from the popularity it enjoys, its website is well organized and offers a seamless user experience while navigating. The homepage of the website is so comprehensive that it quickly allows you to explore their services, review samples, use their free plagiarism checker and utilize the price calculator. Upon further inspection, we discovered that CustomWritings is operated and managed by ONE Freelance Ltd., the same company behind other writing services such as EssayShark and Bid4Papers. The year 2023 saw a big overhaul of the company's websites but beneath the surface, their services remain virtually unchanged.

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CustomWritings is a popular choice for students in need of custom writing help, with user-friendly website and free plagiarism checker.

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Year Started2008
Main CompanyOne Freelance Limited
Service TypesVarious services like academic writing, admissions writing, essay writing, coursework creation, custom web content designs, dissertation and report preparation and review ghostwriting are all covered by professional writers.
Merchant RegistrationUK
Business GeoUS, India
Final ReviewCustomers of often have conflicting feelings about the company. While they tend to appreciate their competitive pricing, discounts, and customer-centric policies, there are still certain areas where some customers find it difficult to agree with them. CustomWritings is trying hard to provide excellent papers, but there's still areas for improvement. Therefore, we can't yet endorse them without reservation. Although it's a challenging task, the company is still doing their utmost to enhance their services. For the time being, you can explore other essay writing services which guarantee to provide good value for your money.

Customwritings website design and trustworthy review

The website certainly has improved since it first launched, and it now appears to be your standard essay writing service in the same pricing range. We thought the website to be visually appealing due to the usage of trendy colors and fonts. We particularly enjoyed the presence of a price calculator in the most obvious location, which allows you to learn the price of your order even before you come to the order form. However, we disliked the layout, particularly the designer's decision to jam all of the crucial information onto a single homepage with no meaningful navigation. Even if you know exactly what you're looking for, getting to the relevant area of the text can take a long time. On the same page, there is a price calculator, an advertisement for a Custom Writings e-book, a list of services and guarantees, information about the personnel, company statistics, a list of all recent orders completed by the company, and even CustomWritings reviews. The good thing is that there is a menu with the most significant site elements at the top of the website, so if you want to learn more about Custom Writings' services, rates, authors, or writing examples, you can use the menu to find the information you need. Another feature we enjoyed was the availability of all communication options under a single button in the lower right corner of the page, where you would normally only find the chat window. price policy

Although not the cheapest on the market, the prices of our services are fair and reasonable. Starting from $10 per page of high school level and ending at $48 per page for urgent PhD orders, our customers find these prices quite satisfactory. We are not a fan of their pricing structure. Charging customers an additional 20$ just for technical assignments is something We feel is unfair, especially when no other company does the same! This doesn't seem equitable.
Payment optionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Apple Pay
Payment discountsAn attractive discount policy awaits customers who order large amounts - the more you purchase, the bigger your discount. Paying $500 will entitle you to a 5% off; orders above $1000 will be eligible for 10%, and orders of over $2000 come with a 15% discount.

Customwritings online reputation

CustomWritings have received a lot of recognition from students and college freshmen, who are usually their most regular customers. Although there are many varying opinions about them, it is yet to be seen what changes they will incorporate in the future based on customer feedback. CustomWritings employs writers of varying levels of expertise, yet their prices are competitive. This could explain why most customer reviews are focused on the quality they received. Since 2010, CustomWritings has gone through considerable changes in their services. Prices have been readjusted and the team of writers are examined based on their performance skill level. It wasn't easy for them in the start as they had to face a lot of negative reviews but things have improved over time. It has been reported that customers were tricked into paying for low-quality content with some even experiencing unpleasant hidden costs. This particular incident was the most appalling one I've encountered, wherein a client denied to pay for an unsatisfactory essay and yet expected to get their money back. Fortunately, CustomWritings has a policy in place that ensures refunds are granted when required.
They have wasted my 5 days and the work I received was nowhere near the standard I paid for. Instead of a complex research paper, all I got was a school level essay filled with numerous errors. To add insult to injury, they're offering me only 40% refund which means not only have they stolen 5 days but also almost 2/3rd of my money. Not only will you have to face the hassle of getting a full refund, but they may also post any content you provide them with. This can be quite alarming if it contains your research work. Ultimately, using this website was a mistake and could have been avoided.
Unfortunately, the initial writer did not adhere to the essay instructions which resulted in me extending the deadline by a day. Even after this, they refused to make any changes and my essay was already overdue. I was informed that the support team was looking for a new writer, yet there has been no update on my assignment even after 24 hours. It is quite shocking to think that a writing service could be so irresponsible with customer orders.
I was quite dismayed when my order got cancelled, leaving me without a paper to turn in on time. So I stayed up all night to finish the paper and get the job. is the only option The customer service representative that I spoke with offered me a replacement order that would've been too costly for me and didn't give any discount either. Despite consistently spending hundreds of dollars over the years, I was so frustrated that I decided to place my last order with another company. I don't recommend at all
I had to submit a 15-page paper for economics, but the second writer I hired only changed the title and first page; the rest of the paper was still on a different topic. Since I had no time for a third revision, this failure was unavoidable. I requested a refund, but they said it was too late. The customer service and writing quality were really poor. It's best to be wary when dealing with them!
The sources I was given were incorrectly cited and, as a result, my teacher wants me to start over on the paper. This means I have to rewrite the entire essay since it was incorrect and my teacher believes I may have plagiarized.
Knowing I wanted to elevate my work, I decided to seek the help of professionals at Customwritings. Fortunately, they were able to comprehend my needs straight away and provided me with a great solution to achieve the outcome I desired for my school papers. I'm extremely thankful for the top-notch paper they crafted for me which ultimately helped me pass my university exams. I owe them my sincere gratitude.
Until now, I had apprehensions about getting help from a professional assignment service. However, I was truly pleased when I received my done assignment - thank you for that! Availing assignment assistance brings new perspectives and insights to the task. As I was working on my sociology research paper, I made sure to frequently use this solution to get a different perspective. I am very proud of the final outcome.
Before I heard about Customwritings, I was really anxious about how to complete my assignments. Their homework help was definitely worth it and the quality of the content was excellent. Plus, their services are delivered quickly and efficiently. I was really delighted by their services and will most certainly use them again without hesitation.
I'm really pleased with CustomWritings services. They're fast and dependable and the team was knowledgeable, understanding professional. When I needed to get two tasks done in a short period of time, they were incredibly helpful in ensuring completion on schedule. They even took into account my suggestions kept me informed throughout the process. Showed great attention to my messages and replies.
I've had a great experience working with the writers on this platform. They have always been excellent in terms of writing and presentation. You should definitely use MailChimp to start your marketing campaign. At WPMania, we pride ourselves on providing some of the best customer service you will find. We are always here for you and our team is very responsive! You can safely use this service

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Affordably priced Decent assurances Accessible native writers Enhanced services


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