Edubirdie review essay and assignment writing service and homework help review is one of the most famous essay writing services in the market. They’re pretty much a household name - well-known for their diverse team of seasoned writers who are experts in all things academic writing. is one of the most renowned essay writing services out there. This company has become a household name due to its vast array of expert writers who have extensive knowledge in all areas related to academic writing. EduBirdie is a trailblazer in terms of utilizing the marketplace system to power its business. Here, customers can easily post job requests and choose an ideal writer who meets their criteria budget from multiple bidding writers. Opinions about this website are mixed; some customers are pleased with them, while others have voiced their dissatisfaction with the quality of their service. So what truly makes it stand out from the rest? We understand the concerns about whether EduBirdie essay writing services are convenient and affordable as well as safe to use. Our review will provide more information to help you make an informed decision. Read our review of EduBirdie to get all the information you need.

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EduBirdie essay writing services are popular due to their diverse team of experts and marketplace system.

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Year Started2015
Service TypesAcademic writing tasks such as essays, research papers, dissertations, and school homework assignments are becoming increasingly challenging to manage. Utilizing AI writing tools can be beneficial in order to make the process more efficient and accurate.
Merchant RegistrationUnited States of America
Business GeoUnited Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates
Final ReviewAll-in-all, we recommend EduBirdie with reservations. Despite the many issues and criticisms hurled towards them, EduBirdie faced them head-on and came out stronger and better. Despite some issues, EduBirdie proved themselves to be a reliable and improving service. They have taken criticisms on board and made changes in order to become even better. All-in-all, we highly recommend their services.Sure, there was plenty of damage control to be done but instead of adding fuel to the fire, EduBirdie focused on what’s truly important: Improving the quality of their services and steering clear from underhanded marking ploys. EduBirdie didn't let the incident drag on, instead they took responsibility and worked hard to improve the quality of their services and avoid any further issues. They were able to take a bad situation and turn it into a positive outcome.We're consistently keeping an eye on this organization, eagerly awaiting to observe what else they have planned for their customers. Our anticipation is high and our enthusiasm could not be any greater.

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Additionally, from a design perspective, the EduBirdie website has a simple yet modern design that is easy to navigate. The website uses a blue and white color scheme that is consistent throughout the website. The homepage features a clear call-to-action button that directs users to the order page. The website also features customer reviews, which help to build trust and credibility with potential customers. Overall, the design of the EduBirdie website is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing, which makes it easy for users to find the information they need and place an order. price policy

EduBirdie charges vary depending on the agreement between the customer and the writer. This means that there are no discounts for new customers, no specific codes used to receive special prices, nor any loyalty promo code that can be used to get a discount. Customers can discuss pricing directly with their writers and potentially get discounts. Our 8-page college-level paper ended up costing $134.00, which was great value for money. We also have a new policy that allows customers to place orders via the company itself at just $9.99/page. The cost of the writing services from EduBirdie is quite low, which may raise questions about the quality of writers. However, rest assured that payment and data security are well taken care of since they have a secure payment process in place and accept standard forms of payment. Furthermore, there have been no reports or legal issues connected to payments or data security.
Payment optionsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, ApplePay, Union Pay, Maestro
Payment discounts-

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On the Google search engine result page for EduBirdie, the majority of the review websites are scams or related to scams. When a corporation and one of its competitors both build several websites to enhance or harm the overall impression of their services, it can be quite difficult to separate the good from the bad. Both EduBirdie and competing companies have launched a number of websites in an effort to boost or affect their reputations. After a thorough examination, we identified a large number of connected review websites that send visitors to Boosta's other websites as well as EduBirdie.
Please be cautious of this fraud company as they will take your money without guaranteeing you a high-quality product, despite the fact that each of the writers who are assigned to your paper will claim they will provide the best quality! This company may take money without being able to assure a high-quality output, so proceed with caution when dealing with them. There is no guarantee that the writers' work will meet high standards, despite their claims to the contrary. I did not write the best essays this year since I failed every one of them. The situation was made worse by the fact that I had to revise several essays multiple times, taking a huge amount of time and requesting the hiring of a third party to finish the work. This made it hard for me to hire any writers, and when I did try to hire two, neither of them could do a good job. Avoid making the same error I did. Instead of wasting money without thinking, save it and use it wisely.
So, at the beginning of 2022, I placed one order with edu Birdie. The author's writing was completely ridiculous and had nothing to do with my subject. I thus asked for a cancellation and refund, but they turned me down. After that, they changed their payment policy to prohibit credit card refunds six months after a deposit. I received no notification informing me that they were applying this policy, and they are blatantly trying to keep you using their site and spending your money there. SCAMMERS
I was extremely dissatisfied with the editing of my product, turning it into a low-quality school essay. When I asked for a revision, instead of fixing the issue, the writer just added some words here and there to make it look like something new. It was absurdly obvious that no proper job had been done and I could've just done it myself. I strongly advise against using this service. Not only were they unwilling to grant me a refund, but also took too much time to make any changes. Ultimately, I had to settle for what they provided me and the 67 USD I spent was simply not worth it.
The staff members display excessive sarcasm and show a lack of enthusiasm towards helping. Additionally, when I try to inquire about my case, they do not provide a response. Although they demand payment, the entire situation eventually descends into chaos. It's disappointing to encounter rude customer service assistants in an online chat box. Not being able to provide details of management and switching off the chat when they don't want to answer questions is unacceptable. It's unfair that such personnel are allowed to occupy such a position without any accountability.
I was appalled to find out that after investing almost $80, I only got a 68% grade on my essay. Despite following all of the instructions and providing the necessary sources, the company simply said they can't do anything and are unable to guarantee a good grade. This was a final paper too! I have suffered unnecessary losses due to this company, as they not only caused me to lose time money but also dropped a whole grade point. Therefore, it is highly advised not to trust them.
Working from the comfort of your home is a great opportunity that Edubirdie provided me. I can now write assignments, reviews, and papers for students at universities or colleges without having to go anywhere and still get paid for it. It's an amazing experience! Making money out of writing is definitely a great thing. While at times it can be difficult, it's still much better than having to commute to work every day. The more effort I put into writing, the more rewards I reap - so it's definitely worth the effort!
I prefer to stay at home and make money instead of going out for work. Thankfully, Edubird provided me with such an opportunity - I can write assignments, reviews and papers for students who are in colleges or universities. Being able to make money without leaving my house is certainly a blessing. Writing pays off - the more I write, the more I can earn. It might be tough at times and not always enjoyable, but it's better than having to commute to work.
Working full-time can be physically and mentally draining. That's why I was so thankful to find this service a year ago, which offers reasonable pricing and brilliant writers to help out with university assignments. It has been a tremendous help for me as I don't always have the time. Now I no longer have to worry about tackling challenging tasks single-handedly as I am confident that my work will turn out exactly how I desire it to be. Delegating projects has become easier due to the knowledge that quality results are guaranteed.
For over two years Edubirdie has been my go-to website for all of my assignments due to their experienced content creators, editors PP writers. I have always received prompt delivery of my orders without any issues. Although I did reach out for clarification about the arguments which supported the main claim in a paper I received from them once and they were very helpful. The writer was very accommodating helpful to my worries. Dr. Paulus thoughtfully took into consideration my comments and updated the original piece quickly. There was no additional fee for this service, which I am truly thankful for. It's safe to say that all the submissions were free of typos and grammar mistakes. I'm so glad that I found this website while looking for a dependable online helper.
One of the best parts of Edubirdie is the communication they provide. The authors are always ready to offer updates and answer any queries you may have - without having to go through tedious processes. They also provide swift responses, useful answers excellent grammar. You get a lot of value for the price you're paying.

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To receive a pricing, you must provide an email. After that, you will receive numerous emails and bids. High costs (up to $42 per page? with a two-day warning) Final Conclusions has a bad online reputation, receiving a lot of conflicting feedback on SiteJabber and As you can see, Trustpilot has no reviews for EduBirdie, whereas Sitejabber has many. On Sitejabber, there are over 3129 Edubirdie reviews. Many students have complained that the work produced by the company is of the lowest quality and that the papers contain numerous grammatical and other problems. We've read enough negative Edu Birdie reviews to know that the company tries to appear better than it is. The unfavorable reviews complain about ineffective writers, bad customer support, and rapidly rising pricing. To be fair, there are also a number of excellent reviews. alternatives

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