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Essaybot description

What EssayBot actually is, as its name implies, is a writing assistant for essays. Although there are no human authors engaged in the process at this point in EssayBot's development, that is undoubtedly a disadvantage. Even though we had my concerns from the start, we chose to test it after discovering it while seeking for practical essay writing resources. All other writing businesses would cease to exist if there was a bot that could create flawless papers for me, and professors and teachers would stop giving their pupils essay assignments. A unique gadget like that could also be prohibitively expensive. But is EssayBot free? No, which makes utilizing it even less useful. More on it is in my review of Essay Bot.

Essaybot pros

Referral Scheme
Just $2.49 for a whole week of access!
Useful as a source of motivation

Essaybot cons

Content is plagiarized.
Extensive editing and proofreading is necessary
Unreliable References
No refunds
Inadequate client service

Essaybot best for


Essaybot features list

Choose a topic and start writing.
Essay revisions till you're happy
Run a plagiarism and grammatical check
Sign up and download the essay.
Unlimited database of searches
Automatic writing advice
Discerning plagiarism detector
APA and MLA references
Downloads of essays indefinite
Excellent grammar checker

Essaybot pricing

Essay Bot is it free? It could appear that way at first, but after you have invested a lot of time and effort generating something you enjoy, you will be informed that in order to download your article, you must purchase a membership. A weekly subscription is $2.95, a monthly one is $9.95, and a yearly one is $59.40.

Essaybot interface

EssayBot is the ideal option for busy students seeking for a dependable essay-writing service because of its hassle-free interface and simplicity of use, although they can have problems passing such work in college.

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Essaybot conclusion

Not the kind of service we anticipated, This bot is designed to assist you in identifying plagiarism, looking up papers, fixing mistakes, and receiving some helpful advice. Yet the tool isn't all that good, and they lie about it being free. Hence, without a doubt, we do not advise it. As a result, we categorically decline to endorse EssayBot since the level of service is not worth the effort or money invested.

Essaybot FAQ

Does EssayBot really work?
The short answer to the question "Is essaybot legit?" is "yes." In other words, it's the real deal. It achieves its goals, but at such a low standard that it's useless. The plagiarism checker is the sole useful feature, however it is available for free on other websites.

How much does EssayBot cost?
Instead of taking hours or days, Essaybot can compose, publish, and market articles in only minutes. Price starts off at a modest $2.49 for a week-long trial, then goes up to $9.95 a month for monthly billing or $4.95 per month (saving 50%) for annual billing.

Is EssayBot cheating?
You might say that EssayBot is simply a harmless automation of the academic process — as opposed to, you know, cheating — if you're really liberal in your understanding.

Is EssayBot safe?
Indeed, we believe. There were no odd remarks or circumstances that put the security of the pupils in jeopardy, to our knowledge. Therefore don't be concerned about using this platform.

Is EssayBot plagiarism?
The text produced by Essaybot is not original. It just restates the previous material. No matter how many times I tried to write original content, the amount of plagiarism remained a serious problem.

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