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This essay help service claims to provide necessary assistance for students in their writing. It is an algorithm that finds content related to the topic. The website is pretty simple and doesn’t have a lot of features. How does it work? It offers a student to type in their topic or title of a paper. After that, the site offers the content related to this topic to meet the word count. A student can choose a paragraph that is suitable, and EssayBot will paraphrase it and add it to the paper. It is not very clear at first sight. The main functionality is to offer various paragraphs as blocks to fill in the paper. There are also citation suggestions. The service is rather a constructor than an essay free service EssayBot. It also claims to be free, but we’ll check this claim later in the review. There is also a consistent reminder about registration on the website, which is not convenient and rather annoying. The site also offers a plagiarism and grammar check. In our Essay Bot review, we’ll evaluate how useful these tools are. We’ll also use Essay Bot reviews from real customers to make sure that our evaluation is objective.

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EssayBot is an algorithm that finds content related to a topic and provides paragraphs as blocks to fill in the paper.

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Year Started2011
Main CompanyResure Technology Inc.
Service TypesEssay Writing, Paraphrasing, Citation Generator, Grammar Checker, Topic Suggestion
Merchant RegistrationUS
Business GeoUS, Philippines
Final ReviewEssayBot's rephrasing technique involves replacing each word with its synonym. In a lot of cases, it can produce content that makes no sense and doesn't even pass the plagiarism checker. If you don't do some major editing on your own, you won't be able to submit such work. I'm unsure of what standards we should use to judge my final product. If this essay had been completed by a human writer, we would be absolutely furious with the outcome. The fact that it was completed by an AI system makes the lack of quality even more disappointing. Any student should consider avoiding the use of automated chatbot when writing an essay. It is important to write your own essay or seek help from a real writer as relying on this AI system may not produce optimal results due to its limited search patterns.

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Due to the limited number of clickable elements, the EssayBot website is easy to navigate. Similarly, you may find yourself disoriented, unsure of where to go or what to do next. Unfortunately, there are no people affiliated with the website. You won't be able to communicate a problem to an editor or customer service representative, for example, if you encounter one. Utilization of the EssayBot homepage is increasingly based on automated processes. This online tool's primary feature is an automaton located in the center of the homepage. As soon as you input your topic, the system will populate the screen with relevant information, allowing you to continue writing. The paragraph is then rewritten so that it cannot be detected by plagiarism detection software. You can either continue doing the same thing for the remaining paragraphs or start composing on your own. The bot will provide you with the potential concluding sentence, which is also derived from other online sources. After completing your paper, you can download it. In fact, you will be able to acquire it if you first purchase a subscription. price policy

Spending money on a website like can be a cause of concern since it doesn't ensure you'll get unique content. The decision to rely on AI writing assistant services is a big gamble due to pricing structure is unclear. This is why many students check out online reviews about the site before making any decisions.There are two types of payment plans available. Get a free trial for $2.49, then pay $9.95 on a monthly basis. Alternatively, you can opt for the annual subscription which costs only $59.4 (equivalent to just $4.95 per month) billed in one installment. Apparently, the pricing of Essay Bot had changed by the time we stumbled upon it. After going through reviews, we found that they were asking for an exorbitant amount of $99 per month That's way too much to pay for this service!
Payment optionsPayPal
Payment discountsTake advantage of our kind referral program so that you and your friend can win! If someone clicks on your link, they'll get one month of the service for free and get a 50% discount and a shiny new customer for life. Don't pass up this opportunity—a it's win-win situation!

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We tried finding some dependable reviews about this essay writing service, and we were let down when nothing came up. Not a single review on SiteJabber or TrustPilot, nor did any essay bot reviewers from reddit had anything to say about it. This service appears to be relatively unknown, as there are only a few reviews on Producthunt that mention it.
Not only did I have to create an account, but the plagiarism-checker actually deleted my 300 word essay. I trialled essaybot and I am not satisfied with the quality.
The essay I received was of poor quality; it had numerous grammar mistakes and was completely disarranged. I'm extremely unhappy with the outcome and certainly not impressed.
After examining the essaybot samples on their website, I discovered they weren't unique had been plagiarised from online sources. When I reported it to them, they denied all accusations persistently. Eventually, my account got blocked by them.
Stay away from essay bot as it can't be trusted. It has no certified professionals working behind the scenes and they do not respond quickly to queries. The web page only provides fake assurances in order to entice students, don't be fooled by them! Not putting in sufficient effort or utilizing the wrong strategies may lead to unsatisfactory outcomes and poor grades on your papers.
I have learned the hard way that websites like are nothing but scams. Although, they may offer to help with assignments, all they do is take your money and not deliver any quality solutions. When I first signed up with them, getting personalized ads instead of results was a complete waste of time and money.
Essay writing tools can be tremendously useful for making the process of crafting a flawless essay as quick easy as possible. It saves you time that would otherwise be spent on research and structuring your argument. Additionally, most good essay-writing apps have built-in citation layouts and plagiarism/grammar checkers to ensure accuracy quality. With only a few corrections here and there, you can easily get an A on your written assignment.

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A referral scheme A week-long trial costs only $2.49. May serve as inspiration


Content is plagiarized. Extensive editing and proofreading is necessary Unreliable References No refunds Inadequate client service Final Conclusions is an online writing service that uses artificial intelligence to help students with their writing assignments. It claims to offer instant essay writing assistance with the help of advanced algorithms and natural language processing technology. Essaybot has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to navigate. Essaybot offers a range of writing tools, including a plagiarism checker, essay generator, and paraphrasing tool. The essay generator is designed to provide users with a pre-written essay on a given topic. Essaybot also offers a feature that allows users to enter their essay prompt and receive suggested topics to write about. While this feature can be helpful in generating ideas, the suggested topics can sometimes be vague or unrelated to the essay prompt. One of the biggest concerns with is the potential for plagiarism. However, the service's reliance on pre-written content raises questions about the originality of the essays generated by the site. In conclusion, while may be helpful for generating ideas and providing basic writing assistance, its reliance on pre-written content and potential for plagiarism are major concerns. As with any writing service, it is important for users to exercise caution and ensure that their work is original and meets academic standards. alternatives

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