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We are going to share my thoughts about a top editing service with unbiased and straightforward opinion, just for you. The opinion, which is based on my experience with EssayEdge and other custom essay writing services, aims to help you make a more informed decision. We believe that your EssayEdge experience will be smooth and satisfying. We are proud to work in the company and am committed to helping ensure you have a positive experience with EssayEdge. Editing services are becoming increasingly popular as students seek to perfect their writing skills. They are often find success in attending the top 10 universities in the U.S., which is impressive! We laughed at the claim that there is any honesty in what these students say. Most of them seem to be hot air, exaggerating, and not being honest with themselves or others. We find it hard to believe they are telling the truth anywhere. My first impression of the site was great. The website looked very professional and seemed confident about what was it selling. To write an essay, it is important that you order from a company that displays professionalism and organization. This is because the sloppy appearance is often a sign of scam companies with numerous negative reviews on their sac. Also, as the proverb goes, first impressions can make or break you. And on this merit, EssayEdge has a good customer care team that is based in the US. Does EssayEdge have a Mobile application? Unfortunately it does not have a mobile application. Other companies in the essay service space use mobile applications to boost traffic and get more orders, but EssayEdge is confident that word of mouth is sufficient. Therefore, they only use their website.

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EssayEdge is a professional and confident editing service that boasts 90% of students enrolling in top 10 universities.

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Year Started2000
Main CompanyPeterson's, LLC
Service TypesCollege Paper editing service Graduate Editing services. M.B.A. application essay editing service. Medical Essay Editing services. Law school application essay editing service. Academic proofreading service. Under the academic editing service Personal statements. Statement of purpose. Admission essays. Resume/CV. Letter of Recommendation. Cover letter.
Merchant RegistrationUSA
Business GeoUSA, Germany, India
Final ReviewWe personally feel that EssayEdge is a legitimate service worth considering. The many positive reviews from previous customers are a strong indicator of their legitimacy. Some people don't have the writing talent and experience to create quality content without assistance. Tools like an editor can guide you help improve your productivity. But make sure the edits aim at making your writing better, not just flowing according to your admin instructions. We won’t order an essay from EssayEdge either. They do provide good quality service, but take your precaution and read other reviews and testimonials before you make a decision. We are not willing to pay for company services We think you're pricing yourself out of the market, and We are confident that there are many other companies that offer services like yours at a lower price, save time, and provide great content. You've received an offer for EssayEdge help. They have helped a lot of clients with their essays, but you've never previously worked with them. Reviews appear on the company website, providing a good source of information. Ask your friends or colleagues if they intend to work with them in the future or have any insight into the company before proceeding.

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What you think of your systems heavily depends on the design. The design impacts how users interact with the site and how they perceive the brand. This is why it's crucial that your site be functional, appealing, well-designed. EssayEdge provides professional editing and proofreading services for students and professionals. They also have a great website design thats easy to use professional. price policy

EssayEdge offers a wide range of affordable services. Prices vary depending on the type of service you choose and the deadline you enter. For instance, a proofread costs $69 when submitted within our standard deadline, or it can range from only $149 with our premier option. With so many services that offer essay writing for various prices, it can be difficult to find the right match. With EssayEdge, there is no maximum rate - a sure sign that our rates are very competitive amongst other essay service providers. You can also see a detailed price chart below which will help you decide whether or not EssayEdge offers you the best value! If you buy the basic proofreading service on our website, it only costs $129. If we did it based on hourly rates, then the cost would be higher but you should save money overall because you only need three pages.
Payment optionsVisa, American Express, MasterCard, or Discover, Alipay, PayPal.
Payment discounts-

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You shouldn’t trust every EssayEdge review you find online. Some of them are decidedly unreliable and are probably written by the company’s competition. There is no real feedback about EssayEdge on Reddit, but there are general recommendations for not getting services from the company if possible. However, not all reviews are negative. Most feedback on EssayEdge and Trustpilot come from raving testimonials with no complaints about the content.
I want REFUND!!! First of all, my professor said that more than the half of essay were plagiarized!!! Second, he gave me ZERO for this essay and I almost got suspended!!!! I want REFUND!!!
Only got 1 of the 2 reviews. The reviewer mentioned that they seemed to be crabby on the phone so we can't believe it's a reliable source
I'm not pleased with this text service. I made a change after completing my order, but disappointing customer service sent me a note saying they would not process the change and that I should contact them via chat. You paid a lot of money to be ignored? This is unacceptable and I’d like a refund.
Students use editing service to ensure their writing remains professional, without the worry of going too far in terms of costs. Students who have a budget may enjoy an AI writing service. It allows them to get quality content that they can be proud of without the cost of hiring a professional copywriter! OMG I found so many mistakes in the paper they wrote, Can you please let me know who created this paper? I thought you were going for professional quality, but it just seems like your team doesn't care about their customers. Next time I want to work with someone else because your company just seems terrible.
Our team has been working with our clients since the opened and they have enjoyed a great experience overall. We offer quality services you can trust in and are priced well. If something goes wrong, please contact our customer support team so we can help fix the issue Your paper was graded very poorly. After you paid him, he disappeared and never provided the original grade you paid for. Once you have found someone to help you out, they will redo your grade. But this comes with the cost of getting them back into your account - and they will charge you again unless it's something that has been resolved. The 100% guarantee that is advertised, is COMPLETE SCAM.
I made a mistake when going through my cover letter and instead of having an editor print it, I decided to hire one for EssayEdge. It led me to discover that the paper needed many corrections before being printed out. I'm very satisfied with the cooperation: we worked together with my editor and this is an experience that is really valuable for me. She gave me feedback and helped improve the paper, which we did many times to achieve perfect results. I wanted to thank you for everything! Essay Edge clearly takes its customers' requests seriously and will always find a way to deliver your paper ASAP. In addition, their quality is outstanding.
I am SO glad that my cooperation with EssayEdge was so productive. I have been a first-time customer, but I plan to become a regular one as long AS it's this good! This time, the assigned editor made essential contributions. She was highly engaged, provided helpful feedback and comments that led me in the right direction. I finally achieved a stellar result with her help on my essay! It was given an outstanding score.
I was struggling to write an essay in my native language until someone suggested I let a professional editor help. That was my mistake, as I didn't expect EssayEdge to be a real savior. Online editing tools have been around for a while now and are increasingly popular in the business world. Freed from being restricted to behind-the-computer spaces, they help most meet their editing needs anywhere with any device. It's convenient, thorough, and even allows for the input of your own private document editor to get feedback on drafts before you hit send. I never thought that online editing was so great! I loved my experience! My editor made it clear that I have the skills needed to write papers, but a lot still needs to be done. Working with EssayEdge allowed me to grow as an aspiring writer and learn more about the writing process.
My editor agreed to edit my paper even earlier than before. I was very impressed with the speed at which she edited my paper. Her editing made a lot of improvements to my essay and she is also very responsible. My essay would not have been nearly as good if it wasn't for her hard work. I also like her critiqu and appreciate the detailed comments. EssayEdge is an incredible tool for students who can improve the overall quality of their work. There is nothing that I would change about it!
EssayEdge has brought a lot of amazing features to the surface that other ESSAYS services can't provide. The level of service they provide and the expertise they offer are second to none! I've hired EE editors 3 or 4 times and each experience was great. They helped me improve my scholarship essay, sop, and motivation letter. I applied to NYU and they accepted me because of my editors' skills. I was originally attracted to their ability to produce high-quality content that made me stand out from other potential candidates.

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a variety of services several packages available


Unreasonable costs ($379 for a basic book report) After spending some time on the website, no chat representative would answer to us. Uncertain website Final Conclusions

EssayEdge is an online essay editing service that provides assistance to students and professionals in crafting their written work. The website offers a range of services including essay editing, proofreading, and critique, as well as guidance on writing resumes and personal statements. Our team of editors are ready to take care of your academic writing, business, law, and medical projects. All you have to worry about is providing us with the project specifications. EssayEdge also provides resources such as blog posts, sample essays, and webinars to help students improve their writing skills. The service is available to customers worldwide and offers a satisfaction guarantee. EssayEdge is known for its high-quality editing services and personalized approach to each customer's needs. alternatives

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