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EssayExpert claims to be the premier custom essay writing service in the US. It offers several assurances for customers and even has a loyalty program with rewards. But what about its quality? Are there any positive EssayExpert Reddit reviews shared by other students? If you're considering buying an academic paper, you should check out EssayExpert. Taking into consideration their great service and classic design, they definitely stand out from the crowd of other online writing sites. So don't hesitate to give it a try! With their simple intuitive pricing calculator, it's easier for prospective customers to check the rates of their required documents. Additionally, the company offers several appealing features bonuses - such as free revisions, 24/7 customer service and prompt delivery. In addition, students can get complimentary title and bibliography pages at no extra cost.

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EssayExpert has a classic design, pricing calculator, free revisions, customer support, and free title and bibliography pages.

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Year Started2010
Main Company-
Service TypesWith EssayExpert, students of all levels can get help writing any type of paper. Whether you're in high school, college, or university - this academic writing solution makes it easy to boost your performance achieve better results.
Merchant RegistrationUS
Business Geo-
Final ReviewThis company is either brand-new or hasn't yet developed a strong customer base. There are no online reviews to judge them by. Unfortunately, the chat agents don't seem knowledgeable in terms of understanding English providing basic product/service information. We cannot endorse any company that misleads about where it is based, has untrained chat agents, and no customer reviews; even if the prices are decent.

Essayexpert website design and trustworthy review is an online writing service that provides academic writing assistance to students. The website features a simple and modern design with a white and blue color scheme. The homepage includes a header with links to different sections of the Essayexpert, such as services, prices, and samples. The middle section of the homepage features a brief introduction to Essayexpert and its services, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. The Essayexpert also has a live chat feature that allows customers to communicate with the support team in real-time. The footer of the Essayexpert includes links to important pages, such as the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and FAQ. Overall, the design of is clean, professional, and easy to navigate. price policy

With a 2-day turnaround time, the cost per page usually averages around $23. Although, with someone who is not a native English speaker drafting the paper for you may mean that it will need multiple revisions before it reaches your desired standard.
Payment optionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Maestro, PayPal
Payment discountsIf you're a student wanting to take advantage of discounts at, simply click the 'Get My Discount' button on the order page. Our advanced code system can quickly calculate the discount that applies to you automatically. At, the amount you get discounted is dependent on the number of pages in your order - more pages mean a higher discount rate. This deduction will be taken from the total payment for your paper. If you order an essay of 16-30 pages, you can take advantage of a discount of up to 8%. Moreover, if the client orders 30+ pages worth of paper, they'll get a discount rate that could be as high as 10% or even higher.

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According to EssayExpert's website, they have an impressive 8+ years of experience in academic writing. This gave me the expectation that there would be a lot of positive feedback from customers on external review sites. We were not able to find any customer reviews for EssayExpert on SiteJabber, TrustPilot, or the Reddit EssayExpert thread. My suspicion is that the company may be falsely claiming to have more experience than it does. It's concerning that no customers have left feedback about using the service. This innovative writing solution is still relatively new, with only a few users currently.
I urge you not to go ahead with this service. Moving your money is easy for them, but cancelling the agreement can be a tough process. Purchasing from site can be risky due to their poor customer service. A quick internet search of the site reveals that refund requests will not be honored and email complaints are never responded to. Multiple attempts to call and cancel an order were unsuccessful as no one ever answers the phone. After 3 months of searching, I managed to locate a different email and the customer service representative, without apology or refund, finally discontinued my subscription. The whole process was marked by rudeness. If you're considering getting a service from a small business, think twice before signing up since the customer support might not be reliable. It's better to choose a more reliable company where you can easily cancel anytime if needed. Don't waste your time money; opt for something more trustworthy for the long run.
Sadly, not all promises were fulfilled and the cost of this was high. I feel disappointed, disrespected, and misunderstood. Mistakes are a crucial part of professional development so it's important to take inventory and rectify them. I think that you have a lot of potential and that there's so much more for you yet! I can not recommend service
I decided to use Essay.Expert for my geography homework and unfortunately, the paper I received had a lot of errors that needed fixing on my own. On top of that, the deadline was not met either, so I will never be using their services again.
Sadly, this writing service failed to rise to the expectations I had for them. The only thing that was satisfactory about their work was their pricing. Everything else, from the quality of paper to the timing of delivery, was far too substandard to give even 1 rating mark. Disappointed about that project? You should be! There's no reason to feel down, but instead try and learn from your mistakes and do better next time.
I used a writing service to get a term paper, but the final copy they delivered was riddled with errors and the sources were outdated. I can't submit this paper as it would cause me to get an unfavorable grade. Unfortunately, policy does not allow for refunds for defective items. It's not a matter of if you'll be getting your money back; it’s about the process for obtaining it.
Whenever I'm assigned an essay for my elective course, Essay Experts is where I turn to. Math is something I'm good at but writing can be difficult and stressful because of the grading system. To keep up my GPA, Essay Experts came to my rescue by helping me complete my assignments. They enabled me to meet my course requirements while also not allowing my marks drop. Hence, they proved to be extremely helpful in achieving this goal.
As I was taking a challenging course in Global Development Studies, I sought the help of Mike to improve my mark. He said he'd do his best and when I finally received the 20 page paper back, it exceeded my expectations! This course was quite intensive and required extensive research planning. The data I obtained from the paper sure helped me to increase my grades and I'm pleased with the outcome. Without any doubt, I'll be back for more.
As a professional in the world of real estate, I decided to take a statistics course to benefit my career. However, I found myself overwhelmed by the task. To remedy this situation, I sought help from a tutor and also hired Essay Experts to support me with my studies. The workload was hefty and the papers took a considerable amount of time to complete with SPSS and Rstudio. Aline was extremely helpful and I received the same writer for my 6 research tasks. Having one consistent writer enabled me to save more than 100 hours during that semester, greatly enhancing my overall satisfaction with the outcome.
I was in a bind when I needed to get my paper finished on time for Monday. Fortunately, Carrie delivered the paper I ordered on Friday for Sunday delivery, which really saved me! Besides the timely service, I was also impressed by their confidentiality policy- it worked out great and I'm really happy with their work. If you're a student having difficulty with an essay, I'm here to suggest taking help from Essay Experts. This can be a great way to get through the work without feeling overwhelmed by it. Don't let yourself suffer in silence; the experts have got you covered!

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Pros provide a wide range of services at reasonable costs. You can discover anything that meets your needs and your budget, no matter what they are.


It's very suspicious that there have been no reviews of this 11-year old Foreign company. Plus, their chat agents may not have proper understanding of the English language. Final Conclusions is an online writing service that provides academic writing assistance to students. The website features a simple and modern design with a white and blue color scheme. The homepage includes a header with links to different sections of the website, such as services, prices, and samples. The Essayexpert provides a range of services, including custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and editing services. They have a team of experienced writers who deliver high-quality papers within the set deadlines. The Essayexpert also has a live chat feature that allows customers to communicate with the support team in real-time. The footer of the Essayexpert includes links to important pages, such as the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and FAQ. The Essayexpert has received positive reviews from customers who have praised the quality of their work and the professionalism of their customer support team. Overall, appears to be a reliable writing service that can help students achieve academic success. alternatives

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