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Essay Shark has become a familiar name in the writing industry but has had a rather mixed reception. On one hand, it promises to produce superior quality documents with even the shortest deadlines, yet on the other hand, there are some concerning reviews from customers. It's true that customer feedback can be inconsistent, and it all boils down to the writer's experience knowledge. That is why we chose to write this review to determine whether EssayShark is a credible platform. After conducting thorough research, we eventually found the answer we were looking for. If you're curious to know what it is, keep reading this If you're looking to find out more about EssayShark, a review can be a great source of information. It belongs to company ONE Freelance Ltd and it is quite similar in appearance to another site owned by them, EssayShark prides itself in its specialized services. Its website has a comprehensive list of features, including “Why choose us” section, customer reviews, statistics and features. To make sure our customers get the best value for their money, we offer all the regular features that other websites from this niche provide- direct communication with writers free previewing. To give an unprejudiced assessment of this site was a challenge for me, as it is difficult to differentiate between EssayShark and Bid4Papers.

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EssayShark is a writing service with a mixed reputation, offering high-quality papers and short deadlines, but customer feedback varies.

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Year Started2013
Main CompanyFrogProg Limited
Service TypesFrom school homework assignments to white papers, essays to blog posts and social media content to website copy, AI writing assistants are adept at handling many tasks with ease. The use of these AI tools in the workplace is becoming increasingly widespread for the time-saving quality control benefits they offer.
Merchant RegistrationCyprus
Business GeoKenya, Philippines
Final ReviewWe wanted to figure out if EssayShark is trustworthy or not and put a lot of effort into researching the company. After giving them a try for myself by ordering a paper, we can now confidently say that it is definitely not a scam and you can get quality essays here. When using EssayShark, you should be aware of the fact that not all freelancers provide equal quality services. Additionally, their customer support is at times inadequate. Moreover, there are some doubts regarding their marketing strategy as well. Even so, the company is very transparent in regards to its multiple websites. In general, can be trusted to provide great writing services.

Essayshark website design and trustworthy review

The website appeared to be user-friendly and straightforward. The fonts, colors, and button layouts are all very appealing and eye-catching. I also have to acknowledge that these guys have done an excellent job of designing their brand image, which resembles a shark's fin. There is a - Play fast tour button for all new purchases. It will display a well-crafted cartoon informing you that EssayShark is a paper writing service capable of generating practically any type of academic paper. The blue background is appropriate, but the photos are too hazy and only a few of them are present. The majority of design consists of plain text. It's fairly fluent, but it sounds as dull as it looks: plain short words, repeats, and information that could be found on any other site. It has no distinct personality. The layout is confusing: customers will not quickly notice what services they can get and how much they would have to pay for them. They'd have to search the web for all of these possibilities with explanations. However, all of the links work properly, and some of the information is useful. You can find out how many authors are online to better assess your prospects of getting help right away. price policy

EssayShark is a great choice for customers since they promise the lowest prices on the market and allow you to pay only after you select a writer. This feature is particularly attractive to newcomers who may not be familiar with bidding-based writing services. Students who may have experienced disappointment with traditional writing services tend to believe that working with freelance writers will be more cost effective. This is not a surprise.Unfortunately, due to the writers setting their own rates, achieving an affordable paper may not be possible. As there is little or no control over the prices they charge, it can be difficult to get a significantly cheaper price. In practice, writers rarely agree to write essays and other academic papers for less than $20 per page. Many writing services offer lower prices, so EssayShark is certainly not the cheapest service out there, and the bidding system doesn’t necessarily help customers save money. Generally, writers won't accept to write essays or other academic papers for lower than $20 per page. EssayShark may not be the most economical service in terms of pricing, and its bidding system may not particularly enable customers to save money.More often than not, customers will avoid choosing the cheapest service provider as they usually associate it with poor quality. This means that even when a writer offers the lowest bid, they may not be considered for the job. The good thing about this service is that it really doesn’t require customers to make any upfront payments. When you make an order, the money is reserved on your credit card, and when your writer makes progress, you should release installments. One of the best features of this service is that customers don't need to pay anything upfront. Your credit card will be charged when you place an order and you only have to release payments as your writer progresses with the task. If you are not satisfied with the final outcome, there is unfortunately no option for a refund.
Payment optionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal
Payment discountsIt appears that the company doesn't have a customer focused mindset. This is because they only receive a commission per order, so discounts or deals are unlikely. Right now, you may be wondering if Essayshark is legit and trustworthy? We suggest holding out for a while, as we are about to share with you the honest truth.

Essayshark online reputation has been taking significant measures to optimise the quality of their services lately. With the increasing popularity of AI writers, it's finally looking like things will improve. To show this, EssayShark now has 160 reviews on SiteJabber verifying their customers' satisfaction levels with the quality of their service. A common issue people have with writing services is that their writers often charge rather high prices and can be hesitant to offer discounts. Many of the reviews for this company have been overwhelmingly positive, with customers noting the easy ordering process and their ability to keep track of their order's progress. Consumers are finding great value in these features which are saving them time providing a seamless experience.
Due to a tight deadline, I chose to go with them as they can provide the needed research documents and I can provide precise instructions from the professor. It's better to steer clear of submitting a paper which is not checked thoroughly as it could lead to a less-than-desired grade. In my experience, I received a D for my paper even though I had been an average student with 3.7 GPA - and there was no way to rectify it for the final submission.
I vehemently deny the accusation of plagiarism that was passed on to me as there was no evidence or a plagiarism report provided. Furthermore, the customer was satisfied with my work even left positive feedback to back this up - I have screenshots of a plagiarism check which demonstrates that the paper is 100% original. I was utterly shocked to find out that the support team had charged me a fee greater than the cost of my order. After working with them for two years, I’m deeply disheartened by their actions.
I bought a paper here and the quality of it was far from satisfactory. Consequently, I refused to release payment to the writer and also requested my money back from Essay Shark - they denied this request. The writer had 6 hours to complete the paper, yet what they returned was nothing short of dreadful; it seemed as though someone in elementary school had written it. Don't be fooled by the promise of a money-back guarantee - this company is not trustworthy. Instead, ensure you get a good grade.
The customer service I received was inadequate. I couldn't access my account for no reason and left without a goodbye, not happy with my experience
The essays I got from this service were of bad quality, making it necessary to pay a lot just to edit them... I'm not planning to use their services again.
As a biomedical engineering student, I needed help with my assignments so I searched for academic writing assistance firms. Unfortunately, most of them refused to help me when they found out the subject domain. Essayshark made sure to meet my expectations, giving me the exact solution I needed. Really appreciate their efforts! It really meant a lot to me.
Your team did a fantastic job on my online physics course - I got full marks for all the tests and assignments! Plus, the service was delivered quickly with great pricing. I'm confident in saying that anyone out there looking for assistance in taking online classes or completing their homework should definitely check out your service. It's been very helpful for me and I'm sure it'll do the same for them.
I'm impressed with the quality of service work I received from EssayShark. They helped me earn high grades and completed my assignments before the due date. I look forward to getting help from them in future as well since their work is amazing, flawless original. I have been enthusiastically recommending this website to all my peers. Many thanks for providing such an amazing service!
The expert was immensely knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. To top it all off, they even delivered the assignment a day early which was quite a pleasant surprise!
The service was expedient and efficient. Having notifications via email app kept me up to date, and I really appreciate the excellent quality of the papers I received. Thank you!

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Well crafted website Affordable price There are many writers accessible


Mediocre client service No free alterations Unfamiliar with the nuances of the English language are foreign authors Use several different business names Final Conclusions is an online platform that provides academic writing services to students and professionals worldwide. The platform offers a wide range of services, including custom writing, editing, and proofreading, for various academic levels and subjects. The team of professional writers at is skilled in different academic fields and can deliver quality work within the specified deadline. The website also offers 24/7 customer support, free revisions, and a money-back guarantee policy to ensure customer satisfaction. EssayShark has a modern and sleek design that is user-friendly and easy to navigate, with a professional feel that is suitable for an academic writing service. The color scheme is mainly blue and white, and the font used is clear and legible, making it easy for users to read the content. Overall, is a reliable and trustworthy platform that can help students and professionals achieve academic success. alternatives

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