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Essay USA is an international company located in London and not in the United States. They've been around since 2010, however, there are more recent reviews- mostly from 2020 and 2021 with only one exception - a 2017 review. Derrick, the chat agent informed us of their actual location. After conducting research, this theory might not be entirely accurate. It is evident that they may lack a strong understanding of the English language as they have made mistakes on their website (e.g., How Much is a Paper?). Unfortunately, AI writers can be costly if you're looking for native English speakers. It may come as a surprise, but there are still people in London that need help with their English language skills. Additionally, there can be communication issues when speaking to them on chat which makes it difficult to work with them.

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Essay USA is not in the US, and they make you pay more for native English-speaking writers.

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Year Started2016
Main CompanyDragonet LLC
Service TypesAre you looking for help with your essays? Pay for Essay has solutions for you! They offer a variety of services such as essay writing, term paper help, online thesis writing, do my assignment and much more. Plus, they guarantee quality results by employing highly qualified writers. Get your papers done quickly and effectively with Pay for Essay!
Merchant RegistrationPoland
Business GeoUS, Philippines
Final ReviewEssay USA is a foreign company that provides essay writing services, charging around $49 per page for essays due in 2 days. Unfortunately, there are very few online reviews about them and most of the ones available were posted in 2021, even though they claim to have been doing business since 2010. English-speaking writers charge a significantly higher fee. We would recommend against using them in college coursework or high school settings because their quality is not comparable to that of non-AI writing. Plus, their site is full of incorrect information and it's overall quite disorganized.

Essayusa website design and trustworthy review is an online writing service that provides academic writing assistance to students. has a modern and visually appealing design with a patriotic touch. The color scheme of the Essayusa features red, white, and blue, which is the flag color of the United States. The homepage includes a header with links to different sections of the, such as services, prices, and samples. The middle section of the homepage features a brief introduction to the Essayusa and its services, as well as testimonials from satisfied customers. The also has a live chat feature that allows customers to communicate with the support team in real-time. The footer of the includes links to important pages, such as the terms and conditions, privacy policy, and FAQ. Overall, the design of is attractive, user-friendly, and well-organized, making it easy for customers to find the information they need. price policy

The base rate for a page of content is $10.35 if you can wait up to 14 days for it. However, if you need your task quickly, the writers can have it ready in 8 hours and the price per page will be $39.10. More prices you can find at
Payment optionsVISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay
Payment discounts-

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The Essay website has claimed to have been operating since 2010, however, there is no evidence of any reviews prior to 2017. It appears that only one review on one platform shows this company existed before then. It's puzzling to think that this company has no prior reviews. Taking a look at Sitejabber and Trustpilot, there are only a meager 34 9 reviews respectively. This is quite concerning as it indicates either a lack of customer engagement or the company scrubbed off old, negative reviews. Don't just look at the overall rating of Essay USA when considering whether to use them for your essay services, but also pay attention to the individual reviews. Even though some of the negative reviews may be a bit discouraging, they are still worth reading and can help you decide if using this essay service is right for you.
There is always space for development, although there may have been certain items that were overlooked inadvertently in the past. I am unable to utilize this service.
Even though I paid 200$ per essay, amounting to 400$ in total, and opted for an 'experienced writer', I ended up failing one of the papers. The other got barely passed with only two marks. Unfortunately, does not offer any sort of refund or other compensation. Plagiarism copyright issues have been present when using certain websites. Quality is of utmost importance and it's important to be aware of which sources are reliable. Unfortunately, there are frauds that simply copy-paste content from Google without any effort put in and try to pass it off as your own paper.
The website made unfounded claims of offering an A+ paper yet they delivered an F. They refused to refund my money and acted discourteously; eventually refusing all communication. I feel cheated out of my hard-earned cash and strongly caution against patronizing this fraudulent business.
I had a terrible experience when submitting my last paper to my institution – it was marked 100% plagiarized, which is not tolerated by my school. Thankfully, I was enrolled in a refresher course and given the opportunity to submit a different paper. I don't recommend use
I'm incredibly dissatisfied with Essay USA and won't be using them again. The work provided was of inferior quality, giving the impression that it was written by a two- year- old. All of the previous orders I've placed with this company have resulted in me failing because of the poor writing skills of their writers. Just a few weeks ago, their deadline for this assignment was set after October 6th. They haven't submitted the assignment yet and it's been awhile since the deadline... This lack of help has left me very disappointed and I'm no longer a customer. I'm sharing my experience with my friends who also use, so that they may know and avoid using it in the future.
I'm more than pleased with the essayusa service - it saves time energy that can be better devoted to other aspects of my life. Additionally, I found the advanced writers option to be especially beneficial, making it worth the extra money. As I am not a native English speaker, I needed assistance with various types of assignments for university. To my great surprise, the results were fast-paced, highly researched and professionally done.
Transferring to a new school was mentally and physically exhausting. Workload, adapting to the new environment, extra-curricular activities - it all left me feeling overwhelmed. To lighten my burden and help me secure my goals for academic excellence, I searched Google for essay writing services. When I was looking for writing assistance, EssayUSA clearly stood out from the rest. Amazingly, I could get my essays completed in just a few hours and my instructors were so impressed by how much I could accomplish with scarce time. Nowadays, I find myself relying on this service frequently when facing tight deadlines for schoolwork.
As a college student who was raised withou parents, I had to work study hard to get into college. The process of maintaining a balance between my academics, part-time job and personal life became quite daunting. That's when I discovered EssayUSA through an educational forum and it has made my life much simpler since then. EssayUSA has been very useful in helping me balance my workload. I'm able to take care of school work without having to worry about assignments as I send them for them to be done. This way, I have time for classes and making a living.
I had left four essays to the last minute and was completely in a panic. It was really my fault for procrastinating and feeling too tired to work on a final paper. Every time I would start writing, I would have a terrible headache I was really worried that I wouldn't make the deadline, but then my friend suggested EssayUSA. It was surprisingly affordable, and in no time at all they had written all three papers for me - it took less than six hours!
It has been a truly great experience till now. I contracted various authors for a few papers and all of them were submitted as scheduled and crafted incredibly well.

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Cons, which claims to be located in California, looks like it's from overseas. You have to give them your first name email address just to talk with them. The customer service agent named Elliot that we spoke to was very unhelpful and unkind. Final Conclusions is an online writing service that offers academic writing assistance to students. has a modern design with a patriotic touch, featuring a color scheme of red, white, and blue. The homepage includes a header with links to different sections of, such as services, prices, and samples. also has a live chat feature that allows customers to communicate with the support team in real-time. The Essayusa provides a range of services, including custom essays, research papers, dissertations, and editing services. They have a team of experienced writers who deliver high-quality papers within the set deadlines. Customers have praised the company's customer support team, which is available 24/7 and responds promptly to inquiries. The also has a FAQ section and a blog with useful tips and advice related to academic writing. Overall, is a reliable writing service that can help students achieve academic success. alternatives

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