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Target Test Prep is renowned for its rigorous, in-depth quantitative reasoning training. The Quantitative Reasoning course will need students to put in roughly 150 hours. Additionally, their brand-new Verbal Reasoning course covers the Sentence Correction and Critical Reasoning sections of the exam in equal detail. Students start the course with a 31-question practice exam, the results of which are utilized to develop an individualized study schedule based on your stated target GMAT score.

Main Facts About Target Test Prep

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Brand NameTarget Test Prep
Year Started2008
Main CompanySince it launched more than ten years ago, Target Test Prep has assisted thousands of students in honing their quantitative GMAT skills. To improve your understanding of Quant, this preparation course offers practice questions, instructor-led video lectures, live support, and even private coaching sessions.
Service AreasGMAT® EA® GRE® SAT®
CountriesUSA, India, Canada
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Target Test Prep Services

The course material is presented in text form, thus it is worthwhile to separate each lesson into smaller portions and respond to questions there.

Your performance in each section is monitored by the analytics page, making it simple for you to switch between chapters.

Many reviews of the Target Test Prep GRE Course mention how useful the bookmark and note features are for students who want to return to particular sections.

Target succeeds because it makes little attempt to have a sophisticated layout or content, keeping things very simple. There are all the resources available to increase a student's effectiveness.

Target Test Prep Guarantees

Target Test Prep Prices

Target Test Prep maintains one of the lowest entry fees among the top GMAT courses at $99 for a month of access in addition to providing excellent pricing alternatives. Of course, if you choose to enroll in the course, you'll immediately discover that even the most motivated students would find it challenging to finish it in less than a month. We advise the majority of students to purchase one of the longer access time choices due to the length and difficulty of the course. However, if you need intensive help in Quant and your exam is soon, this course can help you significantly raise your score in less than a month.

For example, they provide their premier GMAT preparation course at three different price points:

Modular Preparation: Option to pay monthly for $99 per month with unlimited cancellation
Committed Study: Access for four months: $449
Maximum Learning: Access for six months $499 (~$67/month)
Target Test Prep's entire platform is accessible to all plans at no additional cost and comes with the following:

There are more than 5,000 GMAT practice questions (3,000+ Quant and 1,000+ Verbal, with new problems added every week).
over 1,200 HD videos
Analytics and Real-Time Expert Assistance
Increase in your GMAT Score with Guaranteed GMAT Quantitative and Verbal Courses

GRE Flexible Preparation99-
GRE Dedicated Study299-
GRE Maximum Learning399-

Target Test Prep Reviews Online

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Target Test Prep Pros and Cons


  • The $1 for a 5-day trial is a great opportunity to take things a step further than merely browsing the website to decide whether you want to sign up.
  • Regular savings are offered.
  • The platform's user-friendly design makes it simple to navigate.
  • Tutors have a lot of expertise.


  • There are no in-person lectures. Only lessons and videos are available, so students who want to talk to others can't.
  • Reviews of GMAT Target Test Prep express worry that practice exams don't always take your past performance into account.
  • Whether for the GMAT or the GRE, private tutoring is an option but is arguably expensive at $300 per hour.
  • The GMAT instruction isn't comprehensive enough. It solely talks about the quantitative part.

Target Test Prep Contacts, 3225 South MacDill Avenue, STE 129, Tampa, Fl, 33629

Target Test Prep Final Conclusions

Target Test Prep offers a surprisingly good GMAT prep package, despite carrying the title of a cheap course. The course's hundreds of sample problem video breakdowns, insightful statistics and performance data, in-depth instructional modules, and top-notch practice problems are its highlights.

The only drawback I could think of was that I wished there were conventional video lectures, even though I thought their lesson work was really thorough and simple to understand.

There are some little video lessons that break down sample questions scattered throughout the course, but none that specifically emphasize topic review. I thus hope they add a few more comprehensive video tutorials.

However, for students who are comfortable managing their own studies, this is a very effective GMAT preparation option. I believe Target Test Prep will do everything in its power to assist you achieve a score of 700 or higher.

Target Test Prep FAQs

Is Target Test Prep really good?

To ensure that you understand the material and know how to apply it, they really check all the boxes. On test day, they virtually eliminated any chance of me being tricked by the test. I advise target test prep if you're serious about earning the grade you want.

Is Target Test Prep harder than GRE?

Target Test Prep's GRE questions fall between the easy and hard categories. Some questions are relatively simple, while others are nearly as challenging as the actual GRE.

What is Target Test Prep?

Your one-stop shop for all the information and techniques you need to ace your exam, delivered with unmatched clarity and detail, is a Target Test Prep course.

Is target test prep better than magoosh?

A larger score improvement guarantee is provided by TP, who also provide additional practice questions and video courses. However, Magoosh offers private tutoring at a much more affordable price, a longer access period, and optional live online classes.

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