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Magoosh is among the best GRE preparation services for new college grads. It's an on-demand, online resource for boosting GRE results by at least 5. Students who use Magoosh to prepare for the GRE improve their scores by an average of 6 points in each part compared to those who do not use a test prep course. Magoosh's own statistics shows that its customers' median SAT I scores are 159 (math) and 157 (verbal). In addition, 18 former Magoosh students have achieved a flawless GRE score, and 20% of our students place in the top 10%. Students who utilize Magoosh may be assured that the GRE practice questions they'll encounter there are just as similar to the real thing as the ones they'll see on test day. To help students save time and energy, we've made it possible for them to sort questions based on topic and difficulty. Each question is followed by a video and written explanation to help students not only understand the material, but also apply it to future problems. Practice questions in the Magoosh system are tailored to each individual student based on their unique set of skills and limitations, thanks to an adaptive technology. The technology here is pretty close to that which appears on the real GRE. Magoosh monitors students' progress and scores on practice tests in order to provide timely feedback. This information is displayed on the main dashboard and evaluates a student's performance relative to that of other test takers. Students can use this insight to hone their study strategies and devote more time to the areas they need to succeed.

Main Facts About Magoosh

Site Url
Brand NameMagoosh
Year Started2008
Main Company-
Service AreasGRE® GMAT® Admissions TOEFL® SAT® ACT® LSAT® MCAT® IELTS®
Free OptionsFree GRE practice test
Additional ServicesMobile App, Videos, Practice questions, Digital Books

Magoosh Services

Magoosh's GRE preparation materials are presented in a video-only format.

Magoosh's instructors provide excellent resources, with a heavy emphasis on video-based instruction. The veterans among the content developers deserve most of the credit for this success. They have improved their content production with time thanks to their own experiences and the lessons they have learned from both their successes and disappointments.

This is why Magoosh's tutors routinely receive higher ratings than those of competing services.

Magoosh Guarantees

Magoosh Prices

For only $179 you may acquire a 6-month Premium subscription to Magoosh, which includes comprehensive preparation for all GRE parts. Take advantage of this offer while you can, because it's not easy to obtain such high-quality resources and a professionally created website for such a low price.

Their 30-day plan, which is identical to the Premium course but for the time constraint of 30 days rather than 6 months, can be purchased with this discount code for just $149.

Premium · 1 month149Great option for limited study time
Premium · 6 months179Save $715 by purchasing 6 months at once
Premium + Admissions258Comprehensive and affordable application support
Comprehensive and affordable application support

Magoosh Reviews Online

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Magoosh Pros and Cons


  • The free GRE Vocabulary Flashcard App has content that is surprisingly engaging for a learning tool.
  • Video walkthroughs of each question from a tutor are included in their cheapest 6-month plan.
  • Subscription members can now access a tutoring feature (with a fee, of course).
  • -1


  • The videos used in class are boring and lack any sort of interactivity.
  • There is no real-time interaction.
  • It may take hours to get a response if you have a question that needs answering.
  • There is no scoring for their writing assignment.

Magoosh Contacts

Magoosh Final Conclusions

Most low-cost exam preparation courses offer nothing in the way of study materials or support for students. However, that's not Magoosh. They are a value course, and it's true that there aren't any prerequisite books for them. However, they provide a lot more than that.

Although the video lessons on Magoosh may not have the highest production values, they cover all the material you'll need to succeed on the GRE and are taught by experts in the field.

In addition, they provide practice tests and solutions that are as good as (if not better than) those offered by much larger competitors. Plus, they provide a wealth of useful tools.

When compared to rivals, the 1,600 practice questions and 3 practice tests they supply is a rather little amount of study material. But if you don't need ridiculous amounts of reading to get ready, the classes are perfect.

The final truth is that Magoosh is an extremely cost-effective value course. Magoosh could be just what the doctor ordered if you're in search of an on-demand learning platform with a wealth of high-quality study resources.

Magoosh FAQs

Is Magoosh harder than the actual GRE?

Magoosh GRE questions are more challenging than the real test, helping students prepare more effectively. The verbal and numerical components are more challenging than the real GRE.

Is only Magoosh enough for GRE?

With nearly every GRE topic covered, hundreds of practice problems, math formula sheets, vocabulary flashcards, great customer support, affordability, and more, Magoosh is regarded as the best GRE preparation course available.

Is Magoosh 1,000 words enough?

Extensive, including over a thousand words. The Magoosh app provides a comprehensive list of all the potential vocabulary items on the GRE, with a total of 1000 words to study. Investing your time to thoroughly complete the exam preparation will ensure that you do not face any surprises during the actual test day.

Are Magoosh GRE questions harder?

Magoosh helps wonderfully for the verbal section of the test. All verbal question types are formatted similarly to the GRE.
Easy and medium questions are fine for quant. Hard and very hard questions are not formatted in the same way that they appear on the GRE. You would find them challenging, but I don't think they're applicable to the real GRE. They are a common source of anxiety and can hinder your ability to effectively study for the actual exam.

Therefore, to get great results, you need complement Magoosh GRE with all of the official material provided by ETS. You only need the ETS and Magoosh GRE preparation books and website.

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