Higherscorestestprep Review

Higher Scores Test Prep Review

The Higher Scores test preparation program's goal is to provide kids with all the resources they need to excel on the ACT while keeping costs to a minimum for their parents. To reduce study time and provide students the information they need to feel confident on exam day, the knowledgeable instructors developed the comprehensive curriculum. The prep tutors can be reached via email at any time by students. This enables students to raise questions and obtain clarification on those questions. Two key ACT preparation courses are provided by Higher Scores exam prep. Each training package comes with a little bit different materials at a little bit different costs.

Main Facts About Higher Scores Test Prep

Site Urlhttps://www.higherscorestestprep.com/
Brand NameHigher Scores Test Prep
Year Started2014
Main CompanyLauren Gaggioli established Higher Scores Test Prep in 2015 with the intention of assisting students in getting ready for the ACT and SAT exams as quickly as possible. Higher Scores exam prep aims to tutor students in a personable and relatable manner. Higher ratings place more emphasis on coaching pupils as well as supporting the kids' entire families. Gaggioli observed that parents of students suffered from the burden of extracurricular activities and private tutoring costs. She created this course with it in mind.
Service AreasACT Prep SAT Prep
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Additional ServicesYoutube chanel

Higher Scores Test Prep Services


Higher Scores Test Prep Guarantees

Higher Scores Test Prep Prices

The SAT Complete Package and the ACT Complete Package have a similar format. The $647 course fee remains the same, as do the terms of the money-back guarantee.

The four essential elements are:

Study Guide: Based on 24 days of study, the ACT version is often finished in 6–12 weeks.
Video instruction: More than 65 distinct tutorials on SAT preparation.
SAT Study Guides and Other Resources: SAT Prep Book.
Two SAT sample exams
The bonus package is identical to what you get for passing the ACT. Complete Package: PSAT Prep Course, Personalized Video Answers to Your Questions, and a 12-month Subscription to Cash for College.

ACT Complete Package647-
ACT Quick Prep187-
SAT Complete Package647-
SAT Quick Prep--

Higher Scores Test Prep Reviews Online

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Higher Scores Test Prep Pros and Cons


  • Complete Programs: The ACT and SAT Complete Packages include all the materials a student needs to prepare for either exam.
  • Personalized Responses: The majority of online courses do not provide detailed questions and responses in video format.
  • Many businesses only provide SAT preparation. ACT and SAT courses.
  • Practice Exams: Each bundle includes a minimum of one practice exam.


  • Cost: The full packages are expensive, particularly for an online education.
  • There are no classroom choices; only virtual learning is available.
  • Bonuses: Most businesses would regard the alleged bonuses to be a part of the whole package.
  • No assurances of a score improvement.

Higher Scores Test Prep Contacts

hello@higherscorestestprep.com, 7040 Avenida Encinas, Suite 104 #521, Carlsbad, CA 92011, 760-814-9655

Higher Scores Test Prep Final Conclusions

The Higher Scores Test Prep Reviews might be an excellent choice if you're looking for an online course, you don't care about costs, and your student is motivated on their own.

Higher Scores Test Prep FAQs

How much does Higher Scores ACT prep cost?

Higher Scores ACT courses are among the most cost-effective ACT preparation tools on the market right now, with prices ranging from $189 to $647. The ACT Complete Package, which includes a comprehensive 24-day ACT study guide, is the most popular course.

What is Higher Scores best feature?

The Higher Scores course's unrestricted email access to knowledgeable ACT teachers is a fantastic bonus. There aren't many other prep courses that allow you to communicate directly with the instructors without paying a hefty private tutoring cost.
With the Higher Scores course, this is a given.

Is Higher Scores ACT prep worth it?

Because it is effective, the Higher Scores ACT prep course frequently appears in the top 5 ACT reviews. Their study guides are made to save students time by ensuring that they fully comprehend the most crucial subjects.
In addition, Higher Scores will fully refund you if you don't like your course. There is no justification for not trying it.

Will Higher Scores improve my ACT score?

Yes, Higher Scores makes the claim that after finishing their ACT prep course, the typical student sees a 3-5 point increase in their ACT test score.

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