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Inside Recruiter Resume Writing Service Review

InsideRecruiter is one of the worst hire-to-write resume writing sites from Los Angeles that you can get when writing a professional resume. When it comes to professional resumes, InsideRecruiter is one of the worst Los Angeles-based hire-to-write services you can find. This brief review will explain why we do not recommend using this service. They have a lot to offer, but this isn't one of the more serious services they provide. As you read this post, you'll gain insight into why you shouldn't use this service and what to seek for in a comparable provider. We will give you the rundown on the company and its offerings, including pricing, services, the caliber of its best federal resume writers, payment options, customer support, ease of use, and more.

Main Facts About Inside Recruiter

Site Url
Brand NameInside Recruiter
Year Started2013
Main CompanyInside Recruiter
Service AreasResume Consultation Tips Resume Paper
Merchant RegistrationUnited States, California, Los Angeles
Free optionsFree webinars are available for anyone interested in learning more about various topics.

Inside Recruiter Services

If we did not talk about the kind of resumes and knowledge you receive, our review would not be complete. Although they are tailored to your references, expertise, experience, and criteria, the resumes are not perfect. All of these ought to be prepared by experienced professional recruiters who have worked in the HR department for a while, yet the submissions we received fell short of the mark. You can be certain that the content you get will be full of mistakes and plagiarism. Each and every one of the CVs that we received contained plagiarism.

Inside Recruiter Guarantees

Free revisions for one month

Inside Recruiter Prices

Inside Recruiter's success rates aren't very high, and there's no assurance that you'll find a job, despite the fact that the pricing table isn't inexpensive. The service provides various instances, but we find that they are obviously not real. Customers who want their resumes can choose from eight different pricing tiers: Job search consultations cost $89 for those with less than two years of experience, $185 for those with two years or more, $275 for managerial or director roles, $229 for licensed professionals, $345 for chief executive or chief operating officer roles, $45 for LinkedIn upgrades, $65 for individual interview prep, and $89 overall. The pricing table is steep, especially when one takes into account that, despite all of their claims, they do not have a high rate of recruitment success. It's not fair that the prices don't change depending on whether or not you need a brand new resume written or an old one updated. There should be a major disparity in cost.
Experienced195Professionals with over 2-years of work experience
Managers/Directors289Professionals in Director or Manager level positions
Executives355Executive or Vice President level professionals:
Payment OptionsVisa, Master Card, PayPal

Inside Recruiter Reviews Online

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Inside Recruiter Pros and Cons


  • PayPal is a fast payment option.
  • The articles are solid overall.
  • Your resume can be formatted in a variety of ways.
  • Suited according to your needs and background.
  • Clean and readable, with no spelling or grammar mistakes.


  • The consultants I've worked with have all been rude.
  • Especially for newcomers, it's a tad costly.
  • Neither quick nor responsive.
  • The homepage is open to enhancements.
  • It's difficult to get around.

Inside Recruiter Contacts, 350 S. Grand Ave. P.O. BOX #712003 Los Angeles, CA 90071, 424-258-0991

Inside Recruiter Final Conclusions

As this review comes to an end, we must advise you to steer clear of this service if at all possible because you may get better services for the same price. Even if the company has more than just a handful of favorable reviews, the situation does not appear to be particularly promising. So, if at all possible, stay away from this service. No matter if you want a quick resume because you don't have time for one or a career consultancy, you will run into issues unless you set up a meeting and discuss everything with these men. However, the service is anything but inexpensive, and there is no assurance that you will find employment thereafter. Whether you call them at the number listed on their homepage or send them an email, they are not particularly responsive. You have to wait before you hear back from them! To make things easier, the business created a straightforward contact form that you can use to ask about the cost of creating your resume or any other service you require.

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