Jobtestprep Review

JobTestPrep Review

JobTestPrep is a well-known online resource for guidance and support for job searchers looking for their ideal position. It seeks to aid those who must take psychometric tests as part of the hiring process by offering a service that addresses every market globally.

Main Facts About JobTestPrep

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Brand NameJobTestPrep
Year Started1992
Main CompanyDavid Meshulam established the business in 1992. It has numerous offices all around the world in addition to its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Meshulam wanted to assist people in navigating the difficult, constantly-evolving job application process after receiving psychology training and specialized in how people behave under pressure
Service AreasCCAT Test Leading Employers TSA Test Police & Law Enforcement Dispatcher & Emergency Mechanical Aptitude Test Personality & Behavioral Civil Service & USPS Exams Assessment Companies Aptitude Tests
CountriesUSA, Canada
Free OptionsFree TSA Sample Questions
Additional ServicesYoutube chanel

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JobTestPrep Pros and Cons


  • Materials that are mobile-friendly - Over 90% of the content on the multiple JobTestPrep websites is mobile-friendly and usable on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. With this option, you may adapt your practice to fit your lifestyle.
  • A strong reputation — JobTestPrep has been around for 28 years, and over a million job seekers have used it during that period. The best colleges in the world advise its graduates to use JobTestPrep to help them get their first job. Additionally, it receives excellent reviews on numerous online review websites.
  • Advice for job interviews - JobTestPrep also offers advice for job interviews. It describes the various interview formats you might experience, such as competency-based, management, and strength-based interviews. You can also read suggestions on how to present your skills and traits when responding to interview questions. The website also offers interview hints and video samples.
  • Customer service - When you buy a test pack, you also have access to JobTestPrep customer support, which is available around-the-clock.


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JobTestPrep Contacts, 99 Wall Street #572, New York, NY, 10005

JobTestPrep Final Conclusions

It is easy to understand why JobTestPrep is the industry leader in assisting job seekers in getting ready for psychometric exams and the hiring process.

David Meshulam, the company's founder, saw a need for a service to help applicants be ready for the psychometric exams required when applying for career positions after studying psychology.

A long-running business with increasing success, JobTestPrep today has operations in many nations across the globe. It produces content in a variety of languages, and it has such a wide spectrum of industry coverage that it very much covers everything.

Visitors to the website can quickly and easily find practice exams that are specifically related to the industry and organization that are most pertinent to them thanks to the website's useful filter tool.

JobTestPrep offers aid with psychometric test preparation in addition to interview preparation advice.

The vast majority of its web information is easy to access and is accessible on smartphones and other devices. Customers benefit from JobTestPrep's customer service and return policies as well.

Occasionally, JobTestPrep will offer a discount on some of its practice packs; keep up with sales by following JobTestPrep on social media.

JobTestPrep FAQs

Is JobTestPrep legit?

Worldwide, more than a million candidates have used JobTestPrep to aid in their psychometric exam preparation.
The reviews are exceptionally well-liked, and users can rest easy knowing they are getting value for their money thanks to the money-back guarantee and 24-hour customer service.

How good is JobTestPrep?

Over 100,000 employers and test providers as well as more than a million candidates have used JobTestPrep's resources. With such a sizable participant base, JobTestPrep finds it simple to modify and enhance its offerings continuously.
JobTestPrep built its reputation on the psychologically-developed practice exams it produced. More than just questions and answers are offered on the website. Each answer is accompanied by a thorough explanation that helps users understand why it is the correct response.
The website is also very user-friendly and accessible on a variety of platforms, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. It is a very effective practice test website due to the availability of tests in numerous languages and the creation of particular examinations for specialized industries.

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