Kaptest Review

Kaptest Review

Kaplan is one of the major organizations. They may already be known to you. They have a solid reputation, and we can see that students have had a lot of good things to say about them. Reviews of the Kaplan ACT prep course, for instance, are current. The business operates simply. You select the course you want to take and pay for the materials. Before your exam, you have a set amount of time to access it. You go through it as directed by the teacher or the guide. Kaplan provides a broad range of services. This covers assistance for the SAT, GRE, ACT, and even college application. More than 90 different tests in a range of formats are available. Students at Kaplan have access to instructor-led courses. These courses go under the name of Live Online.

Main Facts About Kaptest

Site Urlhttps://www.kaptest.com/
Brand NameKaptest
Year Started1938
Main Company-
Service AreasACT® Prep AP® Exams ASVAB Prep PSAT Prep SAT® Prep DAT® Prep GMAT® Prep GRE® Prep LSAT® Prep MCAT® Prep OAT® Prep PCAT® Prep
Additional ServicesMobile App, Videos, Practice questions, Digital Books

Kaptest Services

The caliber of the resources is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when conducting Kaplan online test preparation reviews. In order for students to share their examples, this is crucial.
Overall, we were pleased with the caliber of the provided goods. For readers of all reading abilities, it was simple to read, giving them an edge over their rivals. They simplify complex topics so that you can comprehend the notions.

Additionally, they provide illustrations of how to use these ideas in various contexts. Everything involved advances comprehension.

Many of the practice exams are modeled after actual ones. As a result, you can prepare questions in advance and increase your confidence. You can also become used to the amount of time it takes to finish a paper and achieve an A.

It's important to note, though, that some students feel the practice exams are more difficult than the real ones. Better performance might result from this, but it might also lower your grade.
Kaplan's instructors are thought to be authorities in their disciplines. It is said that the admissions procedure is rigorous and selective. If they are selected and screened satisfactorily, this also includes undergoing extensive training.

According to reports, just 10% of applicants are chosen to become instructors. For instance, ACT Kaplan online prep live reviews mentioned that you will only learn from the greatest professionals.
Numerous students have provided excellent feedback about Kaplan. On independent review and rating websites, we had a difficult time locating any genuine unfavorable ones.

The variety and caliber of the accessible topics impressed them, and they boasted about how they had aided their academic performance.

Kaptest Guarantees

Kaptest Prices

In conducting our Kaplan test preparation evaluations, we had to consider the cost. For students who are on a tight budget, this is frequently a major consideration. It also has to do with value for money.

Additionally, during the holidays, there may be exclusive coupons and discounts offered. You can lower the cost of a course if you watch out for them.

Here are some costs for several courses that you might find interesting:

ACT self-guided courses cost between $25 and $299, while instructor-led courses cost between $899 and $1999;
GMAT coaching is from $2499-$4999, and courses range from $599 to $1249. LSAT tutoring is from $2399-$4999, and courses range from $799 to $1799; prices range from $2299 to $4999.
courses range from $1799 to $2499 and MCAT tutoring costs between $3699 and $6899;
The price range for SAT tutoring is $1999–4599; for the self-paced TOEFL iBT course, it is $349; for the IELTS Online and Live prep courses, it costs $60 and $190 respectively.

Unlimited Prep2000You have immense potential and unlimited options: sign up for as many SAT, ACT, AP and PSAT courses as you desire and maximize your performance. All through high school, every exam will be in your grasp.
Live Online699Come into our virtual classroom and leave a more proficient test taker. Learn from a group of knowledgeable instructors who respond to your individual inquiries in class. also include high-quality, realistic test preparation materials and on-demand video lectures.
On Demand199With short, on-the-go video lessons, you can master the test in 30 minutes per day. To assist you in finding the correct answers, top teachers provide material review and strategy workshops.
With short, on-the-go video lessons, you can master the test in 30 minutes per day. To assist you in finding the correct answers, top teachers provide material review and strategy workshops.

Kaptest Reviews Online

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Kaptest Pros and Cons


  • A test preparation course can be purchased in parts rather than as a complete.
  • Materials of excellent quality are offered in abundance for a range of courses.
  • Instructors are screened and undergo extensive training.
  • Compared to rivals, the materials are simple to understand.


  • The cost of Live Online and Self-Prep courses differs significantly.
  • Some of the sample exams can be more challenging than what you can anticipate on the real examination.
  • There is a chance that your questions won't be addressed in a large class.
  • Some students claim that after taking a practice test, you cannot go back and review your answers.

Kaptest Contacts

ktplegaldept@kaplan.com, 1515 W Cypress Creek Road, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, 1-800-527-8378

Kaptest Final Conclusions

This course is pretty successful overall. Its thorough study guide is laid up so that you won't feel overly stressed by any one SAT part. You and your teacher will have the opportunity to review each SAT section throughout each class.

One benefit is that you have a variety of course alternatives to select from. Although the mobile app occasionally seems to have technological difficulties, it is also simple to use.

Kaptest FAQs

Is Kaplan test prep legit?

Kaplan has been preparing students for the SAT for decades and is widely recognized as the king of test preparation. They have generally had considerable success doing this. Every year, hundreds of high school students who aspire to attend college get SAT scores in the top 5% of all test takers after using Kaplan SAT prep.

Is Kaplan MCAT prep course worth it?

You have access to a ton of excellent practice resources, the live sessions are really effective and efficient, and the video lessons are incredibly good. Additionally, the course structure is reasonable and very simple to understand.

Is Kaplan worth it for NCLEX?

Are Kaplan study guides more challenging than the NCLEX? Most students who have taken the Kaplan NCLEX indicate that the practice exams are substantially more challenging and differ slightly from the actual NCLEX. However, the general feeling is that taking Kaplan courses helped them feel more prepared for the NCLEX.

Is Kaplan worth the money?

Because it provides the structure and accountability that many students require for good study habits, Kaplan's Live Online class option is a favorite of both students and parents. It will also help a lot of kids because it covers all you need to know for the SAT.

Is Kaplan harder than actual MCAT?

Many students contend that the Kaplan practice examinations don't accurately reflect the real MCAT exam. The exam's questions may be more detail-oriented and lower yielding because they are typically content-based rather than testing reasoning or critical thinking like the official exam will.

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