Khanacademy Review

Khan Academy Review

Khan Academy gains more and more popularity. With this growing popularity, it only seems sense that individuals would search for Khan Academy reviews. You're in luck today if you fall into that category. Before choosing whether or not Khan Academy is worth your time and attention, read on to learn everything you'll need to know. I'll start by explaining what Khan Academy is, what it does, what MOOC stands for, and so forth. Once we're both on the same page, we'll move on to the actual Khan Academy review, where we'll discuss the platform's features, content, learning environment, and other aspects. I'll offer you a few examples of websites like Khan Academy at the very end.

Main Facts About Khan Academy

Site Url
Brand NameKhan Academy
Year Started2005
Main CompanySalman Khan founded the educational website Khan Academy, but is it the best option for you? Our review of Khan Academy will provide you with all the necessary knowledge. The core aim of this platform is to make high-quality learning freely accessible to people worldwide. The website offers more than 3,400 YouTube-hosted video classes in math, science, computer programming, and test preparation. Many teachers have highly commended its use as it allows students to learn and grow without spending a lot of money on tutoring or course materials. The most impressive element of AI writers is their self-sufficiency. They work autonomously, on their own timeline, without the need for any other assistance.
Service AreasSAT Digital SAT NEW LSAT Praxis Core MCAT
CountriesUSA, Brazil
Free OptionsAll of the courses are completely free
Additional ServicesYoutube chanel

Khan Academy Services

You may be wondering whether Khan Academy is effective for the SAT. Does this website offer high-quality educational resources?

These are undoubtedly important questions—possibly the most important for your educational experience. With so many options available, you won't choose a business that doesn't provide high-quality materials.
Many individuals believe that because education is free, the standard of what is offered may be compromised. But with Khan Academy, it doesn't seem that this is the case.

We enjoyed the reading and watching after taking a close look at the materials. It was fact-based, educational, and instructive.

The customer reviews about the content's quality are likewise quite favorable. They appeared to pass their tests as a result of the useful information. They are content and intend to use the services once more.

For instance, the Stanford Consulting Group asked students in a research it performed in 2015 if they thought the services were important to their education.

Most people agreed that it was. For instance, 65% of Stanford students felt it to be significant, while 57% of students from prestigious universities like Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and others liked the content.

This suggests that they had a good experience and gained a lot from the information presented.
The assessments are not set questions, which is something that is extremely advantageous. This indicates that the questions and exercises are generated at random by the computer so you can practice with a variety.

We enjoy that you may read the material at your own pace as well.

Khan Academy Guarantees

Khan Academy Prices

They are all available to you fully and on demand. To use the online materials, you don't even need to register.You can hunt up the topics or videos you want to watch using a search engine.

There isn't any obligation.This business is officially recognized as a non-profit in the US. To support the funding of children's education, they warmly welcome kind contributors.There is a way to support the business's objective. To accomplish this, give money to the cause.Of course, there is no requirement for this and it is not required in any way. Additionally, this might only apply at specific times of the year.However, you might think about this choice if you enjoy your experience and are passionate about promoting education.You can wire money over or send a check.

Donating has never been easier! Whether you're using a credit card, PayPal, Square Cash, or any type of cryptocurrency - you can now quickly and conveniently donate with ease.


Khan Academy Reviews Online

SourceVotesAvg. Score 3.53


Khan Academy Pros and Cons


  • The classes are all entirely free.
  • Advertisements are absent.
  • Follow Your Development.
  • Working at your own pace is possible.


  • Additional images on topic pages.
  • There might be more courses available.
  • Practice examinations are affected by one incorrect response.
  • There is no one-on-one support.

Khan Academy Contacts

Khan Academy Final Conclusions

Providers of eLearning, like Khan Academy, can serve as a welcome complement to or replacement for the traditional classroom learning environment. The engaging features and top-notch courses offered by Khan Academy are connected with your grade or can help you become ready for college. And it will certainly increase your desire to learn.

Additionally, it is available to all countries for free. Does it merit it? I can attest to its usefulness from my own experience. I was able to understand everything more quickly thanks to the way that courses were taught in the brief video clips, which was accurate and to the point.

This can also be your go-to resource if you need to review previous material in order to pass college entrance examinations. Khan Academy is undoubtedly a fantastic study buddy and one-stop review tool. On the other hand, you won't discover the appropriate content if you are an adult learner or professional who needs to improve their professional abilities.

Khan Academy FAQs

How good is Khan Academy?

The most popular and trustworthy online learning resource among US teachers and students is Khan Academy. more than any other online learning resource for the core curriculum, teachers and students who have used Khan Academy say it is a useful learning tool.

Is Khan Academy org a credible source?

Khan Academy is a nonprofit that offers all of its online courses without charge. Although it primarily focuses on material for students in US schools, it is a trustworthy resource for anyone with a desire to learn.

Is Khan Academy a real school?

Because we think everyone should have access to a free, top-quality education, we are a nonprofit organization. We are funded by individual donations from individuals like you, not by commercials or memberships. Join us today, please.

Is Khan Academy a scholarly website?

Answer and justification Yes, Khan Academy is a reliable source because the College Board SAT study site has endorsed them as such. It is a non-profit educational institution that offers unlimited video lessons as well as group activities.

What type of source is Khan Academy?

Videos from the Khan Academy are a well-liked informational resource. The video's author or creator is frequently not identified. In this instance, the title is placed before the publishing date, before the author. Use "(n. d.)" in place of the publishing date if it is not specified on the website.

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