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Students can access Kipper online to get assistance with their studies. It creates articles, summaries, citations, and other content through the use of artificial intelligence. Kipper is intended to make schoolwork more efficient, pleasant, and fun.

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Get More Done in Less Time - By making schoolwork 100 times faster, Kipper helps students save time and energy.

Artificial Intelligence Detection-Free - No more worrying that your teacher may find plagiarism in your work. To ensure that the work created is 100% original, Kipper uses a no-plagiarism script with integrated AI detectors.

Improve Grades Effortlessly - It generates high-quality essays that have assisted 85% of students in receiving a B+ or higher score. Students may concentrate on the concepts and content using Kipper while the platform handles the formatting and grammar.

2 Day Free Trial: Kipper provides a 2-day free trial so that students can evaluate the platform's advantages before deciding to use it.

Essay Writer: With the press of a button, write essays. Simply type in your subject, and Kipper will create an organized, well-researched essay for you.

Citation Finder - You won't have to spend any more time looking for citations and references. For your work, Kipper will automatically locate and cite the most pertinent scholarly sources.

Save hours on lengthy books and films using AI summarization. Any text or movie can be summarized for you by Kipper, who will also provide a summary of the main ideas and takeaways.

Text Enhancer: Instantly add AI spice to your work. Kipper can help you write better by boosting your vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure.

Your on-demand personal AI tutor is ChatBot Tutor. Kipper can also aid with your learning and comprehension of any subject. It will respond to your inquiries in a clear and simple manner concerning your lectures, papers, videos, and other topics.

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Do the essays plagiarize?
Kipper makes an effort to write original essays. But since we value open communication with our clients, occasionally there might be sentences that also happen to be online. As a tool for creating a rough draft and finding ideas for an essay, we advise using Kipper.

Can it get caught by AI detection programs?
No! Kipper's essays have an AI detection and rewrite feature built in. This ensures that you will successfully navigate any AI detection tool (including GPTZero, Turnitin, and others).

Can I request revisions to the essays?
Yes, you can produce an essay in its entirety or just a single paragraph as many times as you like.

Does it ever output the same essay?
No, Kipper never writes the same essay twice and each essay is entirely original.

How does Kipper work?
Kipper examines human-written essays that have been posted online. It mastered sentence, paragraph, and eventually entire essay structure. Additionally, Kipper has studied so many essays that it is capable of writing on any subject!

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