How to Help Students Learn at Home and During the Summer

It’s important to keep children involved in their school work. This is true both over the weekends and over the summer holidays. Children who are used to homework are better able to complete it, and keeping them in the practice of thinking over problems helps them to be better students in the future. There are many ways to keep kids involved in school even after school is out for the day. Some involve after school programs, community programs, or simply parent involvement.

Summer Reading Programs

Summer time is generally a great time for kids—long hours of playing outside, with no school or homework to worry about, can be very relaxing for students, but it does tend to dull their scholastic skills. Luckily, there are many ways to keep kids academically involved outside of the classroom.

Many public libraries participate in summer reading programs which any elementary school students may sign up for. Often, the only requirement is that they have a library card, which you can get by going to your public library’s website or by signing up in person at the library. These summer reading programs often have prizes as incentive for finishing books.

Back To School Assignments

Sometimes schools will assign incoming students with work to be completed before classes start up again in the fall. These back to school assignments often include readings which could be discussed on the first day, or short essays about the student’s summer vacation, which might be used as a “getting to know you” exercise on the first day of class.

After-School Clubs

Some schools offer after school clubs, like math club, where students can go for further interaction with teachers to help them understand difficult topics. The less crowded environment of an after school club might make students feel more comfortable asking questions. There are many after school clubs available for all ages of students.

Math clubs are popular in elementary schools where younger students may have trouble with learning new and difficult math concepts. Language clubs are common in high school and college where students are learning foreign languages for the first time.

Summer School

Most schools offer some form of education during the summer. Often known as “summer school,” these classes will take place in the last weeks of the summer holiday leading up to the start of the school year. Summer school is sometimes used as a way for students who may have fallen behind last year to get a head start on studying for the new school year.

Summer school can be especially helpful for students who may be learning English as a second language and need a head start. Being in a classroom where English is being spoken can help to ease students, particularly young students, into an English-speaking environment.

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