Myassignmenthelp review essay and assignment writing service and homework help review is a premier writing service that specializes in assisting students with every aspect of their paper assignments, from essays to dissertations and research papers to theses. Our experts provide customized solutions and ensure you get top quality work. They have been a part of the business world since 2007 and have earned an extensive customer base along with 4,000+ academic writers. Taking a look at the website, you can observe that SolveMore Limited, which is based in Nicosia, Cyprus is behind it (contrary to previous reports that mentioned its origin in Australia). There are multiple tell-tale signs that indicate SolveMore Ltd's origins could be either India or Pakistan. MyAssignmentHelp is a popular writing service that caters to students from the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand some parts of Asia. They take pride in being the world's number one assignment help company and offer best-in-class services. Is MyAssignmentHelp worth your time and money? Find out by reading our review. We give an honest opinion that will help you decide if this service is the right choice for you or not.

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MyAssignmentHelp claims to be the No. 1 assignment help company in the world, but is this true? Read our review to find out.

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Year Started2009
Main CompanySolveMore Limited
Service TypesEssays, research papers, dissertations, school homework assignments
Merchant RegistrationCyprus
Business GeoUK, USA, Canada, New Zealand
Final ReviewWe highly encourage you to stay away from this company as they are a scammer. We wouldn't want you to be taken advantage of and regret your decision later on. It's evident that My Assignment Help reviews tell a different story. It's best to avoid using this software as the content provided by it is not worth your time or money. Find a cost-effective solution that can benefit your business and save you time and effort.

Myassignmenthelp website design and trustworthy review

The Myassignmenthelp website's home page is densely packed with text blocks. However, the font size is too small to read this information. A user will need to make some effort to understand what this content is about. Even if the text is on a white backdrop, it may be difficult to read. Furthermore, stuffing the home page with material was a bad idea because no one wants to waste time reading generic information. Even if Myassignmenthelp provides several services and defines each one on the website, it is difficult to focus on a certain section. Above an upper banner, there are many text blocks that include services, answers, samples, Myassignmenthelp reviews, and a variety of their web tools. Given that the service has a separate bar for tools, it would seem sensible to include all of them rather than devoting a separate part to certain of them. There are millions of samples, several tools, a description of each service, writers' sites and short bios, but the "About Us" page and prices are scarce. A competent writing business should inform users about its background and mission, however Myassignmenthelp has chosen to stay obscure. We do know that the company was founded in 2007, and that its offices are located in many nations. We found a page with information about discounts and other deals, but no pricing part. To find out how much you'll have to pay for your paper, you must first make an order. Furthermore, you will have to wait a while before being told of the cost of your order, so you will most likely waste your time if the price is too expensive for you. Despite the fact that only 2 seconds are left to calculate the cost, you will need to spend much more time in front of your display. It's difficult to comprehend that such a well-known writing business doesn't reveal rates and instead makes customers wait. Notably, Myassignmenthelp allows consumers to talk with their managers to determine the cost of their work, which is really uncomfortable. price policy

We investigated the pricing system and discovered that the prices were not transparent. Additionally, they only applied to orders of 1000 words. A deadline order between 0-6 hours was charged at $136.9 for premium, $106.9 for standard, and $97.2 for limited orders respectively. Although we have published a price list for 1000-word orders, customers may receive different quotes based on the type of service they're looking for. If possible, it would be great to make all prices services public on our website, ensuring complete transparency in our pricing system.
Payment optionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal
Payment discountsTake advantage of the special offers on assignments we have in store for you! Get 1 free assignment with any 6 assignment orders within 7 days, 1 free assignment with 4 similar assignment orders within 3 days and up to 15% off after 3 assignment orders within 72 hours. Today, we have great news. We are offering a discount on our current items and products. You can get your order today for 10% off! Look for other discount on their website

Myassignmenthelp online reputation

We were pleasantly surprised to find that the first comment on the thread about this company was Ayush Rawal, praising the staff for completing his assignment ahead of its due date and mentioning how nice the interaction was. This comment was my indication that this company may be owned by Indians. Furthermore, there's a huge display of warning signs with reviews at 1-star and negative comments. We want to make it clear that we have no problem with race, but if an entity is trying to hide its origin, then something suspicious is obviously afoot - to be frank. It's easy to answer the question: Is MyAssignmentHelp reliable? The simple fact of the matter is that any company that resort to deception won't hesitate to lie in order to benefit their own interests. Most of the comments were pretty straightforward (bad, scammers, stay away). However, we still managed to find a longer comment which accurately described all the commotion. Numerous pupils have voiced their dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided by MyAssignmentHelp writers. They allege that the scribes cannot communicate properly and lack a sufficient command over English. Furthermore, customers are concerned about the company's return and alteration policies being false promises.
There was no way I could have known the quality of the writing would be as bad as it was. It was so poor that it wasn't even suitable to use as a starting point for something better. The money spent on this might as well have gone up in smoke. Failing or not submitting my work would have been a better option than using this writing. I'm trying to get a refund, which may be challenging. The document I received didn't meet the level of quality expected for a dissertation which emphasized learning and development; not only was it laughable, but they need to communicate more clearly if they aren't able to deliver what was promised.
The Assignment Help turned out to be a scam as they had no experts. I paid them a hefty amount for my project but got it delivered 27 days prior with 48% plagiarism. I asked for a refund but they refused and said I was too late.
Working with this team will be a huge waste of time as they won't provide any useful tips. But if you want help, they'll pay it all back to you on the spot. I've already suffered great financial loss due to their negligence. I'm greatly disappointed with the lack of professionalism. They refuse to admit they were wrong and give me a refund. I don't agree with management's decision. I'm not coming back to work until there is an agreement that won't leave us both feeling bad.
I requested an assignment with explicit instructions, yet got substandard work in return. Refunds were denied even though the quality of work was completely unsatisfactory. The team seemed to have no idea of the requirements and made zero revisions when asked for one - they just wanted to ask for more money. Don’t trust SCAMMERR with your money. You should look for someone else who actually cares about and is willing to help you.
I originally paid for a writing service but I was disappointed to see that the end result didn't comply with the guidelines. Even after multiple attempts, they weren't able to meet my requirements and refused to refund me. Despite having contacted them numerous times, they have yet to refund me. As a result, I had to take the chargeback option with my bank. After that, the supervisor promised to return my money upon reversal of the chargeback. However, Chloe disappeared after making this promise and now they refuse to refund me. I completely disengaged from this service as it was wholly unsatisfactory. To add insult to injury, they even had the audacity to reach out to me for covering the chargeback fees charged by their bank. It would be better to spend my money on something else than use this service ever again. I despise them and wish that they would cease their operations. I'm keeping my fingers crossed in the hopes that people will choose to protect themselves because they don't seem to care.
After a busy and tiring week, with hardly any sleep, I was feeling drained of ideas and had no motivation to write. Thankfully, I made the right decision in choosing your service as the quality of work I received was exemplary. This paper is checked for accuracy and has been prepared as per the professor's expectations. It's ready to be submitted and we are grateful for their feedback.
I was left amazed at the speed and quality of work delivered by the team here. If you're looking to get a written assignment or text completed quickly, they're the way to go. They saved my academic life and I cannot thank them enough for what they did! Utterly appreciate their assistance with my assignments.
On multiple occasions, has delivered me assignments of high standard. I have taken their services on numerous occasions and have always been pleased with their performance. Even though there were some issues that arose recently, they promptly addressed them and improved the quality significantly. I'm delighted with my assignment this time and appreciate the fast response from this company. They really pay attention to customers' feedback and resolve issues quickly, which is so impressive. I'm grateful for their services.
I was pleasantly surprised to find that my assignments were delivered ahead of the deadline. It's quite remarkable that even with an urgent request, the task was done with quality and any necessary changes were addressed quickly professionally. I was really impressed with how swiftly all my queries were taken care of. It made a huge difference to me. We got fast replies to both inquiries and emails, and the service quality was simply outstanding.
As a college student, I was finding it difficult to finish my project. So, I looked around for the best assignment help service and chose for their highly knowledgeable academic assistants. If you want the best help with your studies, I highly recommend recruiting assignment helpers from Due to their guidance, I got outstanding results and grades. Thank you!

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Poor communication, Unfavourable reputation, Low-standard papers Attempts of extorting money - these are some of the reasons why one should be wary about using certain services. Final Conclusions is an online assignment help service that provides academic assistance to students across the globe. Myassignmenthelp offers a wide range of services such as assignment writing, dissertation writing, essay writing, homework help, online tutoring, and more. The platform has a team of experienced and qualified academic writers who specialize in various subjects and topics. The writers ensure that the assignments are delivered on time and are of high quality. offers affordable prices and discounts for students who use their services frequently. Overall, the website provides a convenient and reliable solution for students who need academic assistance. alternatives

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