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OnlineClassHelp specializes in providing all kinds of academic assistance. They were founded in 2010 and have helped thousands of students to prepare for standardized exams. is a legit website that offers support with taking exams, midterms finals to help you with your classes. If you're not sure if it's the right fit for you, then they also offer other services like homework help or tutoring as well. Sure, they claim to be the best essay writing service in the business. Who doesn't, though? The only way to find out whether any of their promises were true was by conducting my own research, and this OnlineClassHelp review contains the results.

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OnlineClassHelp has been providing academic assistance to college and university students since 2010 and claims to be the best essay writing service in the business.

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Year Started2012
Main Company-
Service TypesOnlineClassHelp offers a wide range of educational services, which include homework help, essay writing, and test preparation. The platform specializes in assisting with online classes, helping students understand the material and complete assignments. Keep up to date with the latest content and offers by checking their contact page or social media feeds. Anyone can reach out for help and questions without hesitation. They're always happy to answer everything because they want to provide an excellent experience for the customer. Sometimes the customer service is even better than a human's!
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Business GeoUSA, India
Final is the perfect platform for students. It's reliable, professional and cost-effective. This platform offers many services like homework help and essay writing/test preparation to meet all your needs! All the services are provided by experienced professionals who know the ins outs of their respective field. We offer a money-back guarantee, so you can feel confident about taking our services for a test drive and getting your money's worth. We highly recommend for students who need assistance with their classes. They are reliable, professional, and cost-effective, and provide an outstanding set of services backed by an awesome money-back guarantee

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The navigation of is simple, clear, and professional. Simple navigation choices such as Services, How it Works, FAQ, and Contact Us are available from the top menu bar of the homepage. The onlineclasshelp provides a call to action button to get started as well as a brief description of their services. They offer a comprehensive array of services on their Services website, including online class assistance, homework assistance, and test assistance. A Get a Quotation button and a brief description are provided for each service. A detailed explanation of how to use their services can be found on the How it Works website. A form must be completed before receiving an estimate, paying, and beginning the procedure. In the FAQ. The procedure entails submitting a form, requesting an estimate, paying for the service, and starting the project. You may find these answers to the FAQs on their website or the FAQs tab General Questions, Payment, and Privacy are just a few of the categories that the questions are divided into. onlineclasshelp includes a contact number and an email address. By using an online contact form, you may get in touch with the student affairs department at NAU. Overall,'s design is user-friendly and polished, making it simple for students to use their services and obtain the information they want. price policy

Despite the website's lack of transparency regarding prices, its learning center enables students to learn practice writing skills online. This project's final price depends on the details discussed with support agents. This is a high price for some services, as the complexity and deadline of a project vary. Online Class Help has lower rates than other coursework providers and the con does exist, yet workers know the value they get from working with one of these specialist companies. It’s hard to trust an unknown company but luckily you can use this review to answer your own questions on whether or not Online Class Help is legit.
Payment options-
Payment discountsGiving each of your friends a $50 discount for each online course they purchase is the only way to enroll them in the OnlineClassHelp discount program. You may have your buddies regularly keep an eye on your spending to keep track of how much money you're spending. How are your finances doing right now? You're undoubtedly considering strategies for avoiding doing so. Making the effort to keep track of your money is undoubtedly a step in the right direction if you're debating whether paying off debt earlier is worthwhile. That will make things a little simpler for you and give you the chance to decide that for yourself. They will converse with you about fair prices and provide you with some advice that might assist you in controlling your spending.

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Many Online Class Help reviews can be found online, but not always. We saw mixed reviews on different sites and still decided to order and use their services. Customers have had many complaints about their papers they didn’t like the content quality or the errors we mentioned from the start. Many customers have had complaints about the quality of the paper they received. They were upset that their paper was late, but there were even more complaints about plagiarism and other con. Many students were really dissatisfied about the poor customer service provided by this company. They claim that the support team was unresponsive and unhelpful when they tried to resolve any issues. The Online Class Help reviews are an important aspect. However you may not be happy when you see them.
Beware of writing services that claim to offer top-notch work - don't trust them. These days, its not just students who are getting duped. Business owners too have fallen prey to this scheme. Mr Jorden is a real expert in the field and offers exceptional quality work but make sure you're not getting into any kind of a deal where you are being blackmailed! The attached images should help prove my case! They asked me to send a reply email after I offered them $999 for the story. I replied that I had already paid and there was nothing else left to talk about. They then asked for more money or they would contact my school. This is really crazy. I couldn't say anything about these people, but please never get into them - Mr Jordan and Mr Allister. I've already paid them a whole bunch of money to do the class. This is what they do best. Thank you so much for wasting my time. You can whatever you want
They seem quite unpleasant, and now when I'm attempting to call them on the phone, they aren't responding. I sent many emails, but they kept fiddling with me and refusing to submit my work. Instead, they would attach something else, promising to finish my paper before the deadline, but here I am waiting for more than 15 hours and my term paper is over its due date. You would be in such danger and annoyance from them. Both time and money are not worth it.
I paid for their assistance while only receiving a B, hoping to maintain that mark or perhaps even earn an A. In the first week after I bought them, they missed four tasks. My midterm resulted in a D-, and I now have a failing grade. I informed them that they had broken their guarantee and I needed my money back. And they asserted that it was impossible. I will not be receiving a refund for the service I paid for because I now have a F in my class, which I paid for. instructors, rates, and customer service are all terrible! Scam!
Don't waste your money. I paid $120 for an online exam, only to have them log in and then quit before providing any answers. Sometimes our exam log-in and log-out features get a little confusing since you can only see one item in your list. And we don't want any confusion, so if the login or log out button doesn't work properly, please call our help desk. There was an issue with the system that prevented the course from being submitted twice. To fix this, I was sold a ticket 2 times. The first time I thought that it was just for one page but when they did it again I cried for real. They wasted my two opportunities and all I could say was please give me my money back. Unfortunately, the company was unable to process your refund because of the lack of available funds and has ended your contract. We hope that you understand. I feel so sad that this came to be but unfortunately I cannot keep having faith in your project any longer.
Do not get caught; this is a complete fraud. Everything seems OK at first until you pay the whole amount. You'll start receiving emails from the provider who your money is going to, letting you know that you can now review your module even sooner than the original deadline. You might also hear that this failure is due to cheating Not worth the hassle. Look for another, more reliable option
After discovering I could only handle one writing course during the summer semester, I enlisted the help of these tutors for two. Onlineclasshelp helped me with the complete curriculum because it was too late to drop the other subject. My association with the organization as my main source of support was amazing since they fulfilled all the deadlines and I got excellent scores. I am immensely appreciative of their help and commitment!
I am proud to be a college student in the digital age thanks to Onlineclasshelp's excellent homework help service. You don't have to speak directly with someone if you don't want to, which is one of its advantages. You may easily submit your order request with the necessary information, get a confirmation, and then wait for the provided job. All parties involved will really benefit from this simple, effective method!
I frequently have trouble staying focused in my art history classes, so starting in the second week of the semester, I turned to Onlineclasshelp for assistance. I sent them my curriculum, and ever since then, the tutors and I have been in frequent contact. They have responded to my inquiries, notified me of deadlines, and I have even given them appreciation for their exceptional work, which led to high scores. I am currently doing well in this subject as a result of Onlineclasshelp.
Since my debate professor is known for giving out difficult assignments, I was certain that onlineclasshelp would be able to help me with the most recent one. It was a four-page opinion paper for which I found it difficult to formulate a position after the opening couple of phrases, hehe. Yet, the teacher from onlineclasshelp performed a fantastic job, earning a 98 and getting praise for the original viewpoint offered. I am really appreciative of their assistance and am eager for this semester to be completed.
I would rate NH's support as excellent. Online class help is frequently used to help with homework, but my needs were different. I specifically wanted assistance with scheduling my academic activities because I tend to be fairly unorganized and find it difficult to meet deadlines and finish homework for classes. NH and I worked together to create a calendar plan that improved my organization and allowed me to better handle my academic schedule. This schedule gave time for me to take breaks and unwind as well.

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Affordable. experts with experience. 24/7 client support. 100% money-back promise. The satisfaction promise. Safe and secure.


Low service availability. can take a lot of time. Final Conclusions is a website that offers academic assistance services to students. The website claims to provide help with online classes, assignments, exams, and even entire courses. They offer their services to students from high school to university level. The website has a team of tutors who are experts in various academic fields. They offer services such as homework help, online class help, and exam help. They also claim to offer a money-back guarantee if a student is not satisfied with their service. To use their services, a student is required to provide information about the course they need help with and pay a fee. The website claims to provide 24/7 support and a secure payment system. However, it is important to note that using such services may not be ethical or allowed by some academic institutions. It is also crucial to thoroughly research and consider the potential consequences before using any academic assistance services. alternatives

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