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ThePrincetonReview Review

One of the most popular SAT prep courses among families getting ready for the test is the Princeton Review. And there is a valid justification for it. Based on their outstanding SAT score improvement guarantee, excellent course materials, and flexible course options, we gave them a high rating in our comprehensive assessment of the finest SAT Prep Courses available. We'll get into the specifics of the Princeton Review SAT Prep courses in this post, looking at what each have to offer and the advantages and disadvantages of each SAT course. You can decide with confidence whether the Princeton Review SAT prep course is the right choice for your child after reading this review.

Main Facts About ThePrincetonReview

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Main CompanyThe Princeton Review is a renowned leader in helping students reach higher education goals since 1981. Its services range from test preparation, tutoring and admission resources to print & digital books, online courses and other resources. Through a network of more than 5,000 teachers and tutors in the United States, Canada, and overseas franchises, they distribute our programs. Additionally, they collaborate with educational institutions and job counselors around the world to assist kids prepare for college, take tests, and plan their futures.
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CountriesUSA, India, Canada
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ThePrincetonReview Services

One of the most crucial things we consider is the caliber of the information that an educational company offers.

After all, this will be what counts in terms of raising your grade point average. We spent a considerable amount of time going over all the data and conducting our review.

We've researched everything, including reviews of the Princeton Review's MCAT and GRE prep courses, to give you the facts on the level of service.

Overall, we found this business to be impressive. For instance, we discovered the content to be beneficial, well-written, and thorough during the Princeton Review SAT prep reviews.

Math, physics, English, and social studies are the most prevalent academic disciplines.
Students can choose from a variety of levels, and ultimately, we discovered more than 80 topics you'll love studying about. Before starting to educate students, teachers appear to complete training programs as well.

The website has a ton of data that supports assertions that it gives pupils valuable information. For instance, they claim that 96% of students reported grade improvements as a result of using the services.

Additionally, four out of every five pupils enroll in the schools of their choice. These percentages are astoundingly high.

We can certainly understand how this material might help students achieve high grades when we examine it in our Princeton SAT prep class.

During the Princeton Review MCAT course reviews, we specifically took note of the effective use of technology. To help you keep track of your development and academic achievement, they provide adaptive practice exams and score tracking.

We appreciate the personalization that is possible to meet your particular demands while still keeping things intriguing and captivating.

You can learn in a variety of ways using different resources, depending on your learning preferences. Webinars, videos, live online classes, and private tuition are a few examples of this.

Some issues might have used more depth, as was evident from student critiques of the Princeton Review. They discovered that the data might have offered greater context on a topic, which might have improved their scores.

Given that they frequently utilize the website and the content it offers, his is undoubtedly something to take into account.

ThePrincetonReview Guarantees

ThePrincetonReview Prices

Most people are aware that learning has a cost. Nothing is different with The Princeton Review. For their services, you will have to pay, and you can anticipate that it will cost a little bit more than the usual business. Live and online classes will likely cost more money.

Some classes cost between $1500 and $2500. You can see that self-paced courses are a more inexpensive choice if this is out of your price range. The price range for this is $299 to $1599.
Before going into the costs, you should be aware that the Self-Paced alternatives include Ultimate, which is an online classroom experience with an instructor that specializes in specific exam preparation, and Private Tutoring, which is their most individualized service and advises 1-on-1 preparation with a private tutor.

So what are the costs of the Princeton Review's prep courses?

MCAT prep classes are expensive:

The MCAT 510+ bundle costs $3399 and comes with a guarantee of 510+ points, while a Self-Paced bundle is $1699.

SAT prep classes are expensive:

You can pay a tutor $150 per hour for private instruction or $899 for a thorough course.

Or you can pay $1599 for a complete package that will ensure you receive at least 1400 SAT points, and $2300 for at least 1500. SAT Self-Paced costs $200 as well.

LSAT prep classes are expensive:

Your cost for this one will be $799 for the Self-Paced package, $1099 for Fundamentals, and $1699 for the LSAT 165+ points guarantee.

Cost of GRE preparation classes:

The same applies here; Self-Paced is $299 while Ultimate costs $1199, and the GRE Quant 162+ guarantee costs $1499.

Last but not least, the cost of individual tutoring for this particular exam preparation starts at $1800.

Self-Paced Course300There is no associated live class component (in-person, live online, or otherwise) for the Self-Paced course, which is entirely online. The bare minimum is provided to help you get ready for the SAT in this, the Princeton Review's most basic offering. The only other things it has are practice tests, drills, and video lessons for the lessons. There are no textbooks, tutors, or live classes. This bundle costs about $300, but for an additional $200, Princeton's ACT prep option can be added.
Essentials Course950The Princeton Review's most popular option and universally accepted standard course is The Essentials. The same resources as the Self-Paced course are included in this package, but it also includes additional practice tests (including proctored exams), hard copy books, and 18 hours of live instruction. This set costs approximately $950, but is frequently available for a few hundred dollars cheaper during sales.
SAT 1400+ Course2500The Princeton Review's most popular test preparation program is the SAT 1400+. More than 36 hours of live coaching are provided (in person and online), and students also have access to customized practice exercises. For $1,749, students get a set of extra materials, including books and questions for practice exams. For students preparing for the ACT, the SAT 1400+ also offers an ACT self-paced prep course. Access to the supplemental resources that go along with this course is available for an additional 365 days.
SAT 1500+ Tutoring5000The Princeton Review offers a specialized test preparation option called SAT 1500+ for families aiming for a SAT score in the 99th percentile. The tutoring service is available both in-person and online, and students get access to all of the tried-and-true resources offered by the Princeton Review. The course comes with unrestricted access to the SAT Advantage LiveOnline sessions and test prep books, as well as more than 2000 practice questions and tests with interactive score reports. The most expensive program offered by the Princeton Review is the 1500+ Tutoring, which guarantees a bold SAT score of 1500+. One year from the start of the one-on-one coaching, students will have continued access to the SAT 1500+ course materials.
The Princeton Review's most popular test preparation program is the SAT 1400+. More than 36 hours of live coaching are provided (in person and online), and students also have access to customized practice exercises. For $1,749, students get a set of extra materials, including books and questions for practice exams. For students preparing for the ACT, the SAT 1400+ also offers an ACT self-paced prep course. Access to the supplemental resources that go along with this course is available for an additional 365 days.

ThePrincetonReview Reviews Online

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ThePrincetonReview Pros and Cons


  • Customized homework assignments are available in the course offered by The Princeton Review. It might be difficult for many students to prioritize their time and choose the materials that would be most beneficial. This stage will be handled by The Princeton Review, who will make sure that even the less personalized selections can meet your child's educational needs.
  • There are many outside-of-class study resources available: All of The Princeton Review's test preparation courses provide access to their comprehensive library of study guides. For every subject, resources include video tutorials and live online classes. Proctored and self-paced practice exams, quizzes, and drills are also available for your youngster to use as practice. No matter what they need to practice, the Princeton Review provides a program for your youngster.
  • In the event that the score does not rise, the score guarantee courses will issue a complete refund: Some of the courses offered by The Princeton Review come with their superior score guarantee. These include the 18-hour SAT Private Tutoring program, SAT Self-Paced, and SAT Essentials. If students and parents complete the prerequisites and their test-taking performance does not improve, they may request a full refund or redo their test preparation course.
  • The Princeton Review offers a large range of course alternatives, despite the fact that no program is entirely personalized. To make sure your child has access to all the materials they require, you can add on to each course or choose from a variety of packages. such as pairing On-Demand instruction with the SAT Essential course.


  • The courses offered by The Princeton Review are among the most expensive ones available. Higher score guarantee courses are expensive. The most complete courses are always more expensive, while having a range of price alternatives. Unluckily, this frequently includes the courses that offer larger score guarantees.
  • A better score guarantee is not something that all courses offer, despite the fact that many of them do. Checking that the precise course and option you choose are covered before purchasing is therefore a good idea. Check the terms and conditions to make sure you can fulfill the prerequisites.
  • No payment plan is offered: The whole cost of your Princeton Review courses must be paid up front. The Princeton Review doesn't have payment options like some other courses do. You'll also need to pay for all of your stuff at once because extras like tutoring come in packages.
  • Too few risk-free trials for the majority of courses: The Princeton Review does not provide risk-free ways for you to try out its courses if you're debating buying one. If you cancel after the start of most of their SAT prep courses, you won't receive a full refund.

ThePrincetonReview Contacts, 800-273-8439

ThePrincetonReview Final Conclusions

Simply told, the Princeton Review's SAT prep kit leaves a lasting impression. They provide a really potent teaching package, led by some excellent live tuition and top-notch video sessions.

Some very skilled SAT specialists who have exceptional subject knowledge and are even better communicators lead the Princeton Review live classes. The video lessons, which feature brief, interesting snippets and incredibly excellent production values, are probably the prep kit's standout feature.

The course covers nearly all of the SAT's testable topics when combined with their information-rich textbooks.

Princeton provides some helpful practice materials on the practice side as well, but my two greatest complaints are with this. For starters, I would like to see some video solutions here even if I truly appreciate their text explanations of the issues (finding them to be quite thorough). Other preparation programs are moving in that manner because video solutions are typically better at deconstructing difficulties.

Second, the practice questions can be a bit too challenging at times, yet this might make test day seem much less challenging if you've been studying stuff that is just a little bit challenging.

But aside from these two small issues, the quality and quantity of the Princeton study materials are excellent. Overall, the Princeton Review SAT prep course is an excellent study tool that is worth the high price it commands and would be advantageous to all types of students.

ThePrincetonReview FAQs

Is Princeton Review the best SAT prep?

Unquestionably, one of the top SAT prep programs is The Princeton Review. This is a fantastic alternative for you if you're seeking for adaptable, thorough courses with individualized help and confident score increase promises.
However, if cost is your only concern, you might want to check at other SAT programs. However, given the exceptionally high caliber of the lectures and tools they provide, we can claim that their expensive charges are justified.

Is the Princeton Review 1500+ worth it?

The most comprehensive coaching program offered by The Princeton Review's top SAT instructors is its 1500+ class. This bundle promises an increase of 200 SAT points or a score of 1500 or above. One is in the 99th percentile of SAT scorers with this score. They accomplish this by providing you with a team that includes a top-notch tutor, a tutoring manager, and the whole collection of study aids created by the top test preparation expert at the Princeton Review.

How does Princeton Review guarantee work?

For certain of its courses, The Princeton Review offers a better score guarantee. The better score guarantee gives you the choice of a complete refund or a free retake of your course. If you are eligible and your score does not rise, you may be eligible for a refund. Some courses, like the 1500+ course, additionally have a minimum starting score requirement (at least 1300) in order to be eligible for that guarantee. The most extensive packages are covered by this guarantee.

Does Princeton Review improve SAT scores?

While many SAT prep courses offer score improvements, no test prep company offers a bolder SAT score improvement guarantee promise like that of the Princeton Review. Your child's SAT score will rise, and you may rest easy knowing it.

How much does the Princeton Review SAT prep course cost?

The price range for The Princeton Review's SAT prep programs is considerable, from roughly $300 for their entry-level Self-paced course to more than $7,000 for their top-tier 1500+ course.

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