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Teachers play a huge role in motivating kids to learn, and to get homework done. But it is not an easy job. Coming up with lesson plans and homework activities can be difficult, but there are resources available that can assist teachers in preparing for their school day. Below are some tips and resources for teachers to use when designing their lesson plans or creating homework assignments for students.


Science programs vary greatly once students get to the high school level. High school science teachers might be called upon to teach many different types of science, such as chemistry, physics, astronomy, or biology. Covering all these different subjects can be difficult; luckily, there are places for teachers to turn to for help.

The Internet is a good place to go when developing lesson plans. Ideally teachers have already learned most of the information they will be presenting to their class, but to gather interesting information or current events, the internet is ideal, and has many different sources of information.


Math resources can also be found on the internet. Whether you are seeking current math news or new learning methods for teaching math in schools, the internet likely has a source to help you plan your math lesson.


English is a vast subject and there are many sites on the internet where teachers can collect ideas and material. Many books have been uploaded in their entirety online, and are often free for individual use.

  • Project Gutenberg is a website hosting over 33,000 free e-books which can be downloaded to personal computers or reading devices such as the Kindle and the iPad. The e-books on the Project Gutenberg website are free because their copyright has expired.
  • Poetry is also very available on the internet. The Poetry Foundation, and other websites like it, host a multitude of poetry online and are a great source of information for teachers who wish to plan a lesson about poems or certain literary styles.

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