Resume Valley Review

Resume Valley Resume Writing Service Review

Resume Valley is an experienced and known company in the resume writing market, mostly in the United States. If you acquire your CV from this site, you will receive documents written by mediocre experts in the subject. The writers, editors, researchers, and other members of the team at Resume Valley. Reviews on Resume Valley claim that they used to be a reputable business that cared about their reputation. Therefore, even if you asked them, you shouldn't go. They work in any professional field and sector (business, design, healthcare, etc.) and with any level of difficulty.

Main Facts About Resume Valley

Site Url
Brand NameResume Valley
Year Started2011
Main CompanyResume Valley
Service AreasCivilian Resume Curriculum Vitae LinkedIn Profile
Merchant RegistrationPhilippines, Makati
Free optionsHowever, we saw a small banner on the website giving a free cover letter, saving you USD 25

Resume Valley Services

As a result, you won't waste time writing, researching, and gathering the necessary data to describe your professional accomplishments. You select intriguing job openings and submit a pre-written résumé in response. Reviews of ResumeValley claim that their work lacks organization and is stuffed with of unneeded details. All information will be provided in a questionnaire that is useful, practical, and simple for the employer to understand. Customers of expert legal resume writing services online will tell you that the candidate's income expectations and the needs for the future workplace are taken into mind. Unfortunately, as we can see from the reviews on ResumeValley, many users complained that they received poor papers with several errors. As a result, we cannot generalize on Resume Valley.

Resume Valley Guarantees

The company is proud to offer a money-back guarantee if a consumer is unhappy with the product's quality. This offer seems highly alluring, but closer examination reveals that the site's claims are misleading. The money-back promise is given to those who experienced the following, not to those who noticed flaws in the document or did not like the quality: if your order hasn't been fulfilled. For instance, the author may have accepted your payment after you specified certain requirements while placing your order, but these requirements were not met. You have the right to file a lawsuit in this instance since the contract's clause was broken, even though you met all the requirements and the business made mistakes; if the task you have requires a writer. Such circumstances can lead to this situation: you paid for the order and specified the deadline, but the website failed to choose the author and, as a result, failed to perform the assignment. If you paid more than the site managers had advised, you can expect a return in this situation. When a customer overpays out of carelessness, the key is to notify the management as soon as possible with a copy of the payment receipt, and in this instance, you will receive a reimbursement.

Resume Valley Prices

Prices on their website vary but are often very affordable. There is a long list of services available (cover letter: $25; electronic resume: $19; etc.), but resumes range in price from $69 to $199. Given that the costs are among the lowest in the industry, that is simply unbelievable. Additionally, there are a lot of time-limited promotions where you can acquire a cover letter for nothing.
Civilian Resume99Win your dream job with a career-targeted resume.
Curriculum Vitae99Build an in-depth CV content for scholarly jobs.
LinkedIn Profile69Boost your online reputation with an optimized profile.
Regarding discounts, we looked through the website but were unable to locate any promo codes or other means of obtaining them.
Payment OptionsVisa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal

Resume Valley Reviews Online

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Resume Valley Pros and Cons


  • Affordability: This is an amazing feature because, despite the genuine quality, they have one of the lowest prices on the market, which is also amazing.
  • A sizable group of experts: The team is made up of actual people with the best educations and practical expertise in the required sectors. They have talent and creativity.
  • You can communicate with the writer as they work on your papers if you place an order on their website.
  • Due to the variety of potential payment methods, a payment system is entirely appropriate for the clients.
  • If you purchase an exact resume (Civilian Resume, Federal Resume), you can acquire a cover letter for nothing. Check out our online federal resume specialists evaluate for the top government resume writers.


  • Another major negative for some people is that their website contains no information concerning paper delivery.
  • Sometimes the website may lag and operate slowly.
  • If you need to place an order right away, you will have to wait because live chat is unavailable at night.
  • If you need a consultation, you might have to wait a bit longer if the phone line isn't open.
  • There aren't many resume examples.

Resume Valley Contacts, 1 (877) 780-7377

Resume Valley Final Conclusions

In the conclusion we can say that, every year, we observe that ResumeValley remains in the same position and does not grow the number of clients who are pleased with their job. Therefore, we learned that they are not the actual professionals that they formerly were. We are certain that there are superior businesses, such as Zipjob and ResumeWriters, with resume writers who can create the work in the most professional manner for a reasonable price. If you're on a tight budget but still require papers, these two are a terrific option because they offer high-quality services at completely affordable pricing. Please select the best option based on price and quality, and avoid ResumeValley at all costs; they are not worth your time. In order to adapt to the shifting demands of the labor market, ResumeValley has ceased to stop developing and improving their technology, client-facing abilities, and recruiting techniques. They are unable to broaden their scope of services or introduce new technologies in customer care due to their limited experience, out-of-date information, and lack of professionalism. Emails are responded to within 30 minutes (during business hours). Additionally, a phone call is only accessible during business hours. Live chat that is unresponsive at night.

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