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It can be difficult to manage a blog or website when you can't afford a writing staff. There are several effective SEO tools available that can provide you with countless content ideas, but someone needs to actually write those ideas down. A startup like ShortlyAI uses artificial intelligence to assist you accomplish this, but is it any good? We chose to buy a one-month subscription to this AI because We had heard good things about it and wanted to test if it could help me write the backlog of content ideas we had. When we first started using ShortlyAI to write some sample articles, We were very pleased with how well the words were constructed. The well-structured phrases and paragraphs used an excellent level of English and did not at all sound artificial.

Shortlyai pros

Simple and uncluttered UI.
Ten times faster than a regular content writer in producing material.
Instructions that employ slashes to improve the user interface.
Ideal for lengthy content types like blogs and articles.
May quickly produce a creative story narrative with a few rules.
Strong WordTune and Grammarly integration.
Aids in the generation of play and story concepts.

Shortlyai cons

Integration restrictions for content creation tools.
Often times, the content created can be out of context and be completely incomprehensible.
Only works with English as a language
The 'Write for Me' feature may only be used four times during the free trial, which is insufficient for learning an interface.

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Shortlyai features list

Fits easily into your work system - It goes without saying that you need an assistant who can contribute to making your work system more effective and hassle-free. Soon, AI will provide you with that help. It blends seamlessly into any setup because to its simplistic approach to content development. Integration with other tools and software is the only thing that can improve the experience more, something that ShortlyAI regrettably lacks. It currently only integrates with WordTune and Grammarly.
Quick and effective – The delivery of content is just as powerful as the creation of it. To grasp the context of ideation, the content must be developed quickly and effectively.
Generate content for multiple reasons - Under one roof, with ShortlyAI, you may produce content for a variety of needs, including blogs, articles, posts, narratives, technical and legal papers, etc.
Ability to write creatively - AI will soon support this as well. It will generate a tale framework for your imagined ideas if you include a few keywords or guidelines, such as character backgrounds.

Shortlyai pricing

You can generate a limited amount of material during the free trial period with ShortlyAI to test out the technology. The next step is to purchase a premium plan, which costs $65 USD per month for the monthly plan or $65 per month for the yearly plan.

Shortlyai interface

AI will soon be the epitome of the maxim "Minimum is More." A 5-year-old can write long-format material because to the interface's amazing simplicity. The software's features are organized in a column in their most basic form. You can quickly expand or modify the content because the blank canvas only covers roughly 75% of the interface. You can select the length of your material, the keywords you want your piece to contain, and the large "Write for Me" button without any user interface (UI) distractions. You can click this button as many times as you like.

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Shortlyai conclusion

There is no denying the incredible nature of ShortlyAI's technology. We looked for a plagiarism instance but was unable to find one. It appears that everything it produces is completely original. Regrettably, there was nothing else that could be done with this AI to help someone create engaging content for a website. Simply said, the AI is unable to comprehend what you are saying and veers off subject.

Shortlyai FAQ

Is there a free version of ShortlyAI?
Yes! We offer a Free Forever plan that will continue to be free indefinitely. This is the plan for you if you're an organization, independent contractor, or team wishing to use our core features.

What is the daily limit of ShortlyAI?
The AI can only read the most recent 1200 words, thus there is a limit. With this data, the AI can then anticipate your upcoming words and sentences. But, there are ways for you to have more control over what the AI observes.

How does it work?
We are writing with you using OpenAI's GPT-3, one of the largest language models powered by neural networks in the world. To "learn" how to write, GPT-3 has been trained on a huge amount of text - nearly half a trillion words.
Because of our agreement with OpenAI, we are not allowed to use Soon as a writing helper but rather as a "backdoor" into GPT-3.

Is the AI output original?
Yes, the output produced by our AI is 100 percent original and clears all standard plagiarism checks.

What’s the Pricing of Shortly AI?
The monthly package at ShortlyAI costs $79 per month, while the annual plan costs $65 per month. The word credit is infinite for both plans.

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