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Everyone may now write copy with ease and simplicity thanks to Texta.ai. It produces endless amounts of effective content in a matter of seconds, produces SEO material to help your website get to the top of the SERPs, and enables you to tell stories by selecting from a variety of content types. Texta.ai creates outstanding product descriptions that will raise customer engagement. You may test and assess your email campaigns, social media advertisements, landing sites, and more with Texta.ai's limitless tool variants, so you'll never run out of unique ideas for your campaigns. It contains a ton of tools that make it easier to produce outstanding content. You can explore more than 30 tools at Texta.ai, including writing tools used by online generators and blog posts for blog ideas and introductions. Sales copy is used in AIDA, Pain-Agitate-Solution, and Before-After-Bridge, and eCommerce copy tool is used in product benefits, product descriptions, and sales emails. Ad copy tool is used in LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google Ads. Startup tools like a value proposition refiner, slogan generator, and audience refiner.

Texta pros

Al's might makes human error impossible.
enhances human work processes.
has around 30 tools for creating content.
time-saving and simple to utilize.
has an intuitive user interface.

Texta cons

It cannot communicate human feelings because it is an Al-controlled piece of software.
Decreased the number of human occupations.
Editor has no option for uploading pictures.

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Texta features list

One of Text.ai's best features is the article generation feature. It is more than just a producer of long-form material. It has the capacity to speed up your writing and can produce almost 1000 words in a matter of seconds.

Many Languages: The intext.ai function supports ten or more different languages. English, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Italian, French, Chinese, Polish, Spanish, and more will soon be added to Texta's list of supported languages.

Blog Ideas - Texta.ai helps you generate fresh blog ideas. It uses artificial intelligence to generate blog topics for you based on your unique specialty.

Artificial intelligence is used in the outline content generator. SERP-based content outlines are produced by Texta.ai. You don't need to invest any time figuring out what outline your rivals are using. You may create an outline with Texta.ai.

You can use Texta.ai's Social Advertising Copy Generator to create an infinite number of compelling and effective advertisements for your company. Your ad stands out from the crowd thanks to its social advertisements copy generator.

There is no longer a need to strain to come up with an intelligent, memorable, and truthful title. Using Texta's Al-based title generator, you can create witty, niche-based, and competitively assessed titles.

Startup Tools - Texta.ai's Startup voice tool is great. It aids in the creation of a value proposition, the customization of your target market, the generation of suitable and available domain names for your business, and the improvement of startup ideas.

Texta pricing

For your convenience, the three pricing tiers for Texta are bulleted below. Starter: The monthly starting price is $25, and the annual subscription price is $10. Pro Max: Monthly prices begin at $49 and a yearly subscription costs $17. Pro Max Plus: The monthly starting price is $79, and the annual membership price is $29 per month. You save 50% on your monthly fees if you select an annual pricing plan. So, you will save a lot of money if you choose Pro Max or Pro Max Plus.

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Texta conclusion

An excellent tool for content authors is Texta AI. These tools will be very beneficial for freelancers, advertising agencies, and businesses looking for ways to accelerate the copywriting process. It is now possible to produce more dynamic and captivating content for viewers thanks to cutting-edge technology. It is simple, efficient in terms of time, and simple to use. But if you ask us, will we suggest this tool? It depends, is the response. When it comes to article generation, Texta AI fell short of our expectations when compared to other AI copywriters' tools, especially for subjects that become a little more specialized. On the other hand, we didn't say at all that it wasn't a good tool. Texta.ai is a one-stop shop for AI writing aid due to its many short-form tools and multi-language capabilities, both of which perform more accurately. That is the perfect option if you are a new or aspiring content writer. It's not the best choice, though, if you're a PRO content writer who needs long-form work in the smallest amount of time. We welcome recommendations for enhancements at all times. You may still give Texta a try (it's free, so why not) and let us know what you think. Let's meet together for the tense review that follows.

Texta FAQ

Who are the common customers of Texta.ai?
Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, and Freelancers are the three types of customers that Texta.ai serves.

Texta.ai is best for what type of users?
Texta.ai caters to three different clienteles: freelancers, small and medium-sized businesses, and businesses.

Does Texta.ai offer a free trial?
Yes. It provides a seven-day free trial.

What is the development type of Texta.ai?
Web, Cloud, and SaaS development types are available on Texta.ai.

Is there a money-back guarantee in Texta.ai?
Yes. The lifetime subscription to Texta.ai comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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mail, phonesupport@texta.ai, United States

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