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The Good AI is a free, effective program that may aid professionals, researchers, and students in improving their writing abilities through the production of high-quality articles. Throughout the process of creating material, the tool analyzes language to find places that might require better. It may support users with their grammar, style, and more. The Good AI's user interface makes it easy to create and outline essays. Simply choose a topic to begin started, and The Good AI will produce material that is original, accurate, and pertinent for you! If you wish to add any more information that the AI might have missed, you can update your work using this wonderful AI tool. The auto-complete feature is a crucial aspect of The Good AI's extensive set of integrated tools; it comes in handy if you're experiencing writer's block!

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Language improvement

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Very little customisation
Faulty solutions

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In order to develop a well-organized strategy for your essay as you are writing it, you should use an essay outliner, which is a vital tool for writers.

Essay Writer is a helpful tool if you want to entirely produce your post by filling in any themes you may have. It is an AI-powered writing aid that makes it simple and quick to write excellent essays.

The Good AI's Word Count Slider is a useful feature that enables you to specify the precise word count for your essay. Extremely helpful for academic assignments where word counts for essays are required.

With the aid of this writing tool, the user may effortlessly and swiftly finish their written job. It makes suggestions for words, phrases, and sentences that are most likely to match the context of the user's writing using artificial intelligence technology. This can reduce writing time and effort and raise the overall caliber of the written product.

Document Editing - The Good AI gives customers the option to combine human editing with AI-generated material once they've finished writing a blog post or an essay. If you believe that The Good AI left out some information from your article, this tool might be useful.

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There are just two price tiers available for The Good AI: Free Plan - A stripped-down version of The Good AI with a word limit of 100 and no AI Auto-Complete capability. useful for pupils who are working on shorter assignments and may simply want a little assistance to accomplish their job. Premium Plan: For $5 per month, you may access all of The Good AI's capabilities, including Document Editing and AI Auto-Complete for papers up to 1200 words. With these tools, you can ensure that your work is error-free and of the highest caliber.

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If you want to begin with short-form writings of about 100 words, The Good AI is a fantastic tool. If you wish to test out the free plan, the premium plan is also extremely reasonably priced at only $5 a month, and you can discontinue using their services at any moment. But, when it comes to software tools for essay writing, the alternatives we have listed are great choices if you want to write essays of any length with a variety of features and fundamental tools, such as grammar checks for probable grammatical errors and more.

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