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Writesonic description

An AI authoring tool called WriteSonic can create original content depending on your choices and requirements. You can utilize the software's pre-written content as an outline for your own writing, which is another helpful feature. Also, it might aid content marketers in getting beyond writer's block and connecting with their target market. The best option for authors who are having trouble coming up with new content ideas is WriteSonic. It enables companies to produce content that is extremely engaging, distinctive, and intriguing and that can be shared on a variety of social media channels. It has a free trial and is accessible to PC and Mac users.

Writesonic pros

Great templates for short copy
Available long-form assistant
Reasonably priced

Writesonic cons

Difficulties with some output's grammar
Unorganized interface

Writesonic best for

Marketing copy

Writesonic features list

Many marketing templates are available, including ones for digital commercials, product descriptions, and website copy.

While though Writesonic is mostly geared for short-form text, it also offers a long-form assistance.

The GPT-3 paradigm from OpenAI for AI writing appears to be used widely. This also applies to Writesonic.

More than 50 templates Although they do some long-form, the majority of them concentrate on shorter text.

Easy method for producing content - Simply enter some information about your piece, select "Create," and Writesonic will do the rest.

24 different languages are supported by Writesonic.

Writesonic pricing

The pricing structure of Writesonic is somewhat complicated, ranging from free to try it out to $95 per month. The fact that a $15 subscription is required to access the long-form assistant is something we really enjoy about it. Even though the credits are poor, it's nice that you may buy powerful tools for little money. Jasper, in contrast, charges $59 per month for access to the long-form assistant. But, to fully utilize Writesonic's toolkit, you must have infinite credits. We advise you to at least purchase the Professional subscription ($45/month) for this reason.

Writesonic interface

Although Writesonic's user interface is not horrible, it can become quite busy. It's not as tidy as Jasper's or Copy AI's, as you can see above. Despite that, Writesonic operates quickly, and its directions are simple to understand. It shouldn't be difficult for beginners to get started with it.

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Writesonic conclusion

Using WriteSonic, an AI writer, you may create lengthy content without manually typing every word. The email notification option, which notifies you when your content is prepared, is among the greatest features in my opinion. As a result, it is simpler to concentrate on other tasks rather than waiting for the tool to finish writing. Also, WriteSonic is incredibly simple to use for beginners. Even better, it offers a totally free plan that already allows you to accomplish a ton of helpful things! The tool's main significant flaw is that free users are not given access to all of its functions. In other words, a user of a free plan is severely limited.

Writesonic FAQ

Is Writesonic completely free?
A free lifetime plan with 10 content creations per month is available from Writesonic. As a result, Writesonic will rank among the top free AI writers in 2023.

What are the benefits of Writesonic?
Create content that is industry-specific and adheres to the tone and writing style of your business.
For better results and increased conversion rates, get SEO-optimized content.
Instantly produce articles and blogs with 1500+ words.

Is Writesonic worth it?
One of the best AI writing tools I have ever used is Writesonic. It helps my writing and is quite simple to use. Everyone who wants to boost their productivity should try this, I'd say. The diversity of tools and the choice of word quality are appealing.

What is Writesonic about?
You can fill out your inputs on Writesonic, an AI-powered content automation platform, to generate endless material while saving time and effort.

Can you write a book with Writesonic?
Writesonic is a very cost-effective choice for novelists.

Writesonic Contacts

mail, phonesupport@writesonic.com, San Francisco, California, United States, +1 (650) 761-9760

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