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Yaara AI is a writing tool that uses AI to assist you in producing better and more efficient writing. The goal of our organization is to enable anyone to write anything and publish it everywhere. For companies and agencies looking to produce high-quality, engaging content while spending less money, saving time, and working together in real-time, Yaara AI is the ideal option.

Yaara pros

One of the most cost-effective (in terms of price/word) AI-powered content generators on the market is Yaara AI.
Produces extremely accurate work that is devoid of plagiarism and grammar mistakes.
Supports over 90+ content kinds and is simple to use
Gives users access to more than 800 templates
Offers a 7-day, FREE trial period without requiring a credit card.
Maximum content Lookbook - Before creating the following word, Yaara AI content writer parses through more than 3,000 characters.
Complete refund is available within five days after purchase.

Yaara cons

Excludes off-the-shelf items Unrestricted plan
Similar to other AI content producers, output needs further human interaction to avoid AI content detection.
Lacking an AI image creation tool

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Yaara features list

Access to more than 90+ content creation tools for practically all forms of material
Abracadabra Tool - A one-of-a-kind tool that lets you type in your information, the key points you want to cover, and the tone of voice you want to use. From emails to blogs and everything in between, it generates everything and everything.
Other tools include a paraphraser, an email writer, a content improver, a generator for product descriptions, a generator for storylines, a generator for paragraphs, and more.
Supports the creation of content using the AIDA and BAB frameworks, among many others.
Creates material in more than 25 different languages
Access to more than 800+ ready-made usecase templates to get you started
Lookbook with the most content Before creating the following word, the AI content writer parses through more than 3,000 characters.
Produces material that is always 100% free of plagiarism and grammar mistakes.

Yaara pricing

Split pricing allows you to choose the number of words you need to produce inside a package or plan. You are required to pay a monthly subscription charge based on the word count. Plans for Yaara AI Content Writing Tools include: 20K to 110K words per month ($7.99 to $40.00 per month) for starters | 2 Users Growth - Monthly word counts range from 80K to 2M ($29 to $500). | 10 Users Advanced - Custom features and pricing | Over 10 users

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Yaara FAQ

What can I create with Yaara?
They provide all the copywriting resources necessary to launch and maintain a successful enterprise. You can use our tools to compose just about anything, from blog posts and product descriptions to individual paragraphs and letters. Also, let us know what other types of copywriting resources you're interested in seeing added to our collection.

Is the content from Yaara original?
You can be sure that your results are always original since the AI creates original content 99% of the time and consistently passes plagiarism checks.

Is Yaara Free?
The use of their copywriting tools is totally free! Yes, you can use our free tools to generate content. However, you'll need to sign up for their subscription plan if you want access to more stuff.

What's the Yaara refund policy?
Over the following five days, decide for yourself if Yaara lives up to the hype. If you're unhappy with the content Yaara.ai wrote for you, they'll give you a complete refund.

Is Yaara a mobile or desktop app?
You can use your browser to access the Yaara web app at app.yaara.ai. Both Google Play and the Apple App Store do not have it. You can use your phone or tablet to generate content while on the road thanks to the internet app's responsive design.

Yaara Contacts

mail, phonehello@yaara.ai, Greater Philadelphia Area, East Coast, Southern US

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