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ZipRecruiter is an online employment marketplace that helps you reach quality candidates across the most competitive industries. The site uses a clever AI matching technology to connect employers with qualified employees. The platform's overarching objective is to reduce the time needed for a recruiting manager to locate and hire new staff. The platform serves two purposes in that it may be utilized for both job searching and other purposes. However, the staffing features that are accessible to business founders and owners will be the main emphasis of this evaluation. You may access a wider pool of qualified individuals with ZipRecruiter without doing any additional work.

Main Facts About Ziprecruiter

Site Url
Brand NameZiprecruiter
Year Started2010
Main CompanyZipRecruiter
Service AreasSearch Jobs Search Salaries Job Seeker Reviews
Merchant RegistrationUnited States, California, Santa Monica
Free optionsJob seekers can use it for free

Ziprecruiter Services

Zip Recruiter is it legitimate? The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Forbes have all written about the service. Among others, it is used by Target, Starbucks, Burger King, PayPal, and Netflix. Positive employer reviews are prevalent on ZipRecruiter. These facts already speak volumes about the reliability and caliber of the service as well as how effective ZipRecruiter is, but you undoubtedly require additional proof.

Ziprecruiter Guarantees

Numerous platform pages state that ziprecruiter offers a 100% guarantee. You can send an email request for the monies used in the previous month's expenses if there are unmet needs associated with the website's functioning. The mentioned proportion is greatly lowered by the fact that locating a suitable applicant often takes a long period. Additionally, a lot of people gave their perspectives, which were largely negative in terms of cost and frequently unreasonable withdrawals. This also throws into question the impeccability that is highlighted. However, among the warranty's supporting elements are guarantees like these: The chance of getting a refund if you're unhappy. Complete adherence to all requests and the provided information. Customer service representatives that are available at all times and are kind and empathetic. Excellent mobile application work.

Ziprecruiter Prices

The Standard, Premium, or Pro plans, each of which offers a free trial, are available to employers. However, ZipRecruiter doesn't make any mention of the duration of its trial period or pricing options. You can only find out how much ZipRecruiter costs after signing up and supplying the relevant details, such your name, company name, email address, phone number, and monthly unique visitors. ZipRecruiter offers three distinct plans to suit your individual needs: Basic, Team & Business. The corresponding monthly fees are $99, $149 and $229 respectively with yearly charges being $590, $990 and $1490 respectively. There is also a free 4-day trial period available too.
Standart99Hire easily on a budget
Premium149Find great candidates for your hard-to-fill positions
Pro229Maximize your reach and visibility
Payment Options-

Ziprecruiter Reviews Online

SourceVotesAvg. Score 4.65


Ziprecruiter Pros and Cons


  • Job seekers can use it for free.
  • For employers, it offers flexibility in terms of plans, payments, and collaborations.
  • Receiving invoices and reports are not a problem because it is transparent.
  • It includes several statistics about job searches from various industries.
  • Both the mobile app and the website's interface feature attractive designs and are easy to use.


  • Prices for user plans are not stated in their descriptions.
  • Every time a user wants to learn more about an employer's chances, they must register.
  • The "Trending" section appears to contain too much information and is therefore distracting.
  • Only a few fields are offered industry solutions.
  • You must pay (the usual SMS rates, though) to receive an app download link by SMS.

Ziprecruiter Contacts, 1-877-252-1062

Ziprecruiter Final Conclusions

In the conclusion you can ask, Can ZipRecruiter be trusted? It is legitimate, free to use, free from scams, flexible for employers, and offers millions of options for both job seekers and employers. It is undoubtedly GOOD! Online reviews of could be inconsistent. However, no other service enables you to quickly and safely connect with as many candidates and openings. Unprecedented job-search software is ZipRecruiter. The service that posts/collects job openings and opportunities from thousands of job boards and promptly presents them in a clear and aesthetically pleasing form is undoubtedly worth your attention, even though the term "revolutionary" may sound a little overstated. If the question "Is ZipRecruiter legit?" was your initial top concern, your current worry should be how to select just one offer from all the suggestions. It is legitimate and helpful. ZipRecruiter: Is it a fraud? However, this is not the case. Even legitimate services might be poorly handled. No ZipRecruiter scams have been reported to us. ZipRecruiter is it free? Candidates can use it for free, however the cost for companies varies depending on their requirements. What is ZipRecruiter's process? Simply register and enter the necessary data. then search for a position or a candidate. The simple UI makes it plain what to do next. ZipRecruiter is it secure? Yes, the service respects your privacy and security and doesn't need you to divulge too much personal information.

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